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One Year of Blogging!

I started this blog one year ago. Over the course of the past year, I have posted hundreds of pages of primary Garrison documents, many of which are nowhere else to be found on the net. I have debunked many of the silly stories in the various Garrison conspiracy books.

Here are some of the highlights:

Sylvia Meagher and the Garrison Investigation

In June 2019, I visited the Sylvia Meagher archives at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. Meagher's papers are housed in the Harold Weisberg archive. I actually had to find her papers. When I arrived, I was shown into a fairly small room with hundreds of document boxes. Most were Weisberg's, but the papers of Raymond Marcus and Hal Verb were also there. I couldn't find Meagher's papers. After an hour of opening boxes, I stumbled upon a section with her papers - none of her boxes were marked.

Meagher's letter to Clay Shaw and his reply.

An unpublished Sylvia Meagher memo on the Shaw trial.

Another unpublished Sylvia Meagher memo on Garrison and the Warren Commission Critics.

Two letters from Sylvia Meagher to Harold Weisberg and Meagher's review of Paris Flammonde's The Kennedy Conspiracy.

A letter from Sylvia Meagher to Clay Shaw.

A Thornley letter to Meagher and her reply.

Sylvia Meagher and Jim Phelan write letters to Garrison.

This blog post includes Sylvia Meagher's letter to Playboy Magazine about their interview with Jim Garrison.

Arnoni was the founder of The Minority of One and he was very critical of Jim Garrison. Here is one of his articles along with a reply from Garrison and Meagher.

Garrison's Secret Information to Playboy Magazine

Gordon Novel sued Playboy Magazine and Jim Garrison for libel for comments contained

in Garrison's Playboy interview. During the course of the interview, Garrison provided information to Eric Norden (who conducted the interview) that could not be printed. For the first time ever, I present those memos.

Garrison's First-Person Narrative in QUICK Magazine

While going through some Jim Garrison papers at the New Orleans Public Library, I came across a translation from an article in the German magazine QUICK. It was a first-person narrative written by Jim Garrison. I also came across letters from Germany to Garrison about the article and Garrison's response saying that he did not write it.

I didn't write about this in my book believing that Garrison might not have written the article. I shared all of the relevant documents with Paul Hoch and we realized that there is information in the article that could only have come from Garrison or people who were with Garrison in the early days of his investigation. In other words, there is material in the articles that was not public knowledge.

Since I only had an English translation of the article, I had to find a copy of the magazine on eBay. There was also an Italian translation in TEMPO magazine and I found a copy of that, In addition, there was an interview with Jim Garrison in Paris Match, which I also found.

Paul Hoch made an important contribution to these blog posts.

The article from QUICK magazine along with an English translation.

There are several references to homosexuality/S&M in the QUICK article that point directly to Garrison.

There are several other clues that point to Jim Garrison

The QUICK article discussed James Dondson, who spent the assassination weekend with Clay Shaw. Only a few people knew about this.

Once word got out about the QUICK article, Garrison said it wasn't him.

Jim Garrison Does it Again! He tells another reporter that Ruby and Oswald

were homosexuals and then then attempts damage control.

Garrison Does it Again! He feigns indignation to Paul Hoch over his mention of Shaw's homosexuality.

Many clues point directly to Schiller.

Many clues point directly to Nerin Gun.

Homosexuality was always on Jim Garrison's mind throughout his investigation.

A Total Debunking of the Richard Case Nagell Story

When I first read Dick Russell's The Man Who Knew Too Much in the early 1990s, I thought it was an infuriating read. There was little hard evidence to support Nagell's story, and there was always the promise of evidence hidden in some trunks somewhere. For some reason, many conspiracy theorists have latched on to this story, despite the fact that Nagell was a very sick man. He suffered brain damage in a plane crash in the 1950s, and he was never the same.

The Importance of Richard Case Nagell to Some Conspiracy Theorists

Jim Garrison and a few conspiracy theorists think Nagell is a very important witness. But is he really?

Genesis of the Richard Case Nagell story

David Kroman met Richard Case Nagell at the Springfield Medical Center for Federal Prisoners. Stephen Jaffe, a Garrison volunteer, wrote a memo, relating Nagell's story through the eyes and ears of David Kroman.

Nagell was convicted of armed robbery and was sentenced to ten years, but his conviction was overturned because of startling new evidence.

Richard Case Nagell and the JFK Assassination

There is no credible evidence that Nagell had any foreknowledge of either Lee Harvey Oswald or the JFK assassination.

Nagell claims he met Oswald in Japan, Texas, Mexico City, and New Orleans. There is no credible evidence that he ever met Oswald.

Nagell went to Cuba and met with Fidel Castro and even played ping-pong with the man.

Insane Conspiracy Theories about Richard Case Nagell

Richard Case Nagell said that he knew the two Oswalds - Lee Harvey and Leon. Some conspiracy theorists believe this madness.

Combine one part crazy and one part ridiculous and what do you come up with? An early attempt at a unified conspiracy theory of the JFK assassination.

Two Smoking Guns of the Richard Case Nagell Story

Nagell sent conspiracy theorist Dick Russell one page of a military intelligence file which seemed to indicate that he was monitoring Oswald and his wife on behalf of the CIA. But does the whole document really show that?

Did Richard Case Nagell have an Oswald Military ID in his possession when he was arrested in September 1963?

Richard Case Nagell and Jim Garrison

Richard Case Nagell believes that he wasn't called to testify at Clay Shaw's trial because his testimony would have blown up Jim Garrison's case.

At a conference in September 1968, Garrison and his investigators discuss his face-to-face meeting with Nagell in New York City.

William Martin, an Assistant District Attorney working for Jim Garrison, tried to retrieve a tape that Nagell said contained the voices of three JFK assassination conspirators.

Richard Popkin, author of "The Second Oswald," writes Jim Garrison about Richard Case Nagell. Garrison staffer Tom Bethell thought the Nagell lead was useless.

Richard Case Nagell's Mental Health

Nagell won a full disability pension in 1982 and the 60+ page court case provides complete details on his mental problems.

Richard Case Nagell told a psychiatrist why he shot up the bank in El Paso in 1963.

The FBI spoke to Nagell's ex-wife, his mother, his sister, and one of his friends. They all agreed that Nagell had significant mental health problems.

Nagell visited the American consulates in Zurich and Barcelona in 1969. He was a deeply disturbed man.

More shenanigans in Europe in 1970.

Richard Case Nagell's Evidence

None of the so-called evidence that Nagell promised would materialize on his death has shown up. Did this evidence ever exist?

The Rose Cherami Story

Debunking the Rose Cherami story was a lot of fun. Steve Roe was an enormous help and he made an important new find.

An article from 1957 directly relates to her credibility.

Here are articles from the Madison Capital Times about Dr. Owens. The conspiracy theorists don't like to mention the later articles.

There is no evidence that Cherami ever worked for Jack Ruby.

A Garrison document claims that Cherami watched the Dallas motorcade on television.

What did Cherami actually say to Francis Fruge?

There is no evidence that anybody heard Cherami predict the JFK assassination.

Her information was wrong.

Jim Garrison didn't mention Cherami in his books.

There is no credible evidence that Sergio Arcacha Smith was with Cherami in November 1963.

Of course conspiracy theorists now believe Cherami was murdered.

The Truth about Permindex

In the late 1950s a Swiss businessman, George Mantello, had an idea for a trade exhibition in Basel, Switzerland. Mantello saved over 15,000 Jews during World War II by giving out El Salvadorean citizenship papers. He was a controversial figure in Switzerland because there were antisemites in the government and his past work in smuggling items to Great Britain was not appreciated. One left-wing newspaper in Basel attacked him continuously, and he had trouble finding capital for his venture. He then moved the operation to Rome and opened Centro Mondiale Commerciale (CMC). He asked Clay Shaw to be on the Board of Directors because of his experience in starting the World Trade Center in New Orleans.

Conspiracy theorists believe that CMC was a CIA front to funnel money to right-wing extremist groups. There is absolutely no evidence to support that.

Here are documents and letters from Clay Shaw's personal file on Permindex.

Mantello saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. He should be celebrated.

Followers of Lyndon LaRouche believe that Permindex was running an assassination bureau.

Yes, Louis Bloomfield knew Baron Edmund de Rothschild. Read the letters for yourself.

Louis Bloomfield lived in Montreal. Why didn't Garrison pick up the phone to call Bloomfield or send an investigator to Montreal?

Michele Metta's ridiculous book claims there are ties between the umbrella man and Clay Shaw.

Paese Sera, a Communist-controlled newspaper in Rome, claimed that Bloomfield was a member of the OSS. The only problem is that he wasn't.

Yes, Bloomfield knew David Rockefeller. Read the letters for yourself.

Bloomfield was friends with George H. W. Bush. Here is their secret correspondence.

Louis Bloomfield, a Canadian who raised millions for charity, was the target of conspiracy theorists.

Clay Shaw was only a domestic contact for the CIA. He did not work for the CIA in Rome.

The Allegations of Fletcher Prouty

Fletcher Prouty was X in Oliver Stone's film JFK. Many conspiracy theorists treat him as some sort of guru, but the truth is that there was nothing behind his allegations. When the Assassination Record Review Board (ARRB) reviewed his allegations they found that he couldn't supply any evidence to back up what he said.

A summary document of his interview with the ARRB.

Another summary document from the ARRB about Prouty's allegations and army intelligence.

Prouty had some very unsavory relationships with antisemitic groups.

Was Fletcher Prouty's Trip to Antarctica Unusual?

Regarding Christchurch, New Zealand and The Christchurch Star

Regarding the 112th Intelligence Corps (INTC) Group and/or the 316th INTC Detachment.

Did Prouty Keep the notes from his supposed phone call about army intelligence?

Prouty's experience with military presidential protection duties.

Flagrant failure by the Secret Service to take minimum precautions?

Did Lee Harvey Oswald participate in a covert program in Indonesia in 1958?

Was General Edward Lansdale in one of the pictures of the three tramps?

Prouty makes claim that Marina was involved.

And, last but not least:

What's Coming Up

There's a lot more coming up on my blog. Anticipate blog posts on Raymond Broshears, David Kroman, Lee Odom, the Clinton witnesses, some additional information on Richard Case Nagell, Gary Underhill, Eugene Dinkin, Ron Augustinovich, Richard Giesbrecht, Fred Crisman, Thomas Beckham, and more.

Expect some major posts on the CIA and FBI treatment of Jim Garrison.


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Keep up the good work, Fred. We may differ on aspects of the assassination, but you are unquestionably a Researcher with a capital "R"!

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