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Sylvia Meagher and Jim Garrison, Part Two

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

In March 1969, Sylvia Meagher wrote an article, about the Clay Shaw trial which, to my knowledge, was never published. It was titled, "Not With a Roar But a Whimper: The Shaw Trial, the Garrison Wreck."

She said that the "prosecution case had been humiliatingly rejected." She did not believe the Clinton witnesses, found that Vernon Bundy had no credibility, and that Perry Russo delivered the "coup de grace" to Garrison "by recanting those parts of his earlier testimony which were crucial for the incrimination of Shaw as a conspirator."

Further, "the not-guilty verdict was a humiliating anticlimax to almost 25 months of Garrison's posturings and escalating charges, against Shaw and others who suffered untold injury as a result of his loud-mouthings, thought he had at no time any semblence of a genuine case."

So, here is her memo, in full.

There is more about Sylvia Meagher in my book, On The Trail of Delusion, and my book includes a letter she wrote him early in the case. A devastating letter, I might add.


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