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Exposed! Bloomfield's Letters about David Rockefeller!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Some conspiracy theorists believe that anything to do with the Rockefellers is nefarious. James DiEugenio, in his review of my books, wrote:

"[Maurice] Phillips made two groundbreaking discoveries. First, as already mentioned, about Nagy and the CIA. Secondly by going through the Louis Bloomfield archives in Canada, he found out that corporate lawyer Bloomfield served as a legal representative of the company and was soliciting funds for Permindex. What made that even more fascinating was, in doing so, he was in contact with the wealthiest families in the world at that time e.g. the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. None of this had been previously disclosed."

Yes, there are a few letters in the Louis Bloomfield papers that talk about David Rockefeller. Here are the shocking letters:

Oh my god! Collaboration between New York and Rome regarding World Trade Centers? How nefarious!

Some progress in a meeting.

The collaboration between the Rockefellers and Permindex/CMC never panned out.

But, now the shocking truth has been revealed. Louis Bloomfield was excited that word was going to get out through the Foreign Commerce Weekly about the CMC in Rome.

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