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Kerry Thornley writes Sylvia Meagher

Updated: May 29, 2023

Sylvia Meagher was a supporter of Kerry Thornley - the Marine buddy of Lee Harvey Oswald - and she even donated money for his defense. Thornley had lived in New Orleans for most of September 1963 and overlapped with Oswald for about three weeks. Garrison had a scheme to involve Thornley in implicating another Marine - it all fell apart - and Garrison then charged Thornley with perjury for denying he met Oswald in New Orleans that September.

I have a chapter on Thornley in my book, On The Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser, and it's quite the story.

I am posting one of Thornley's letters to Meagher and her reply because it gives a good overview of their thinking about Garrison and his case, and it provides some details, and some color, that you won't find elsewhere.

Here is Sylvia Meagher's reply.


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