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Fred Litwin

fred enjoying a beer in dublin in late a

Oliver Stone's Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza is Fred Litwin’s third book on the JFK assassination. In 2020, he published On the Trail of Delusion -- Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser, which examined one of the great miscarriages of American jurisprudence. In 1018, he published I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak, detailing his journey from believing in a JFK conspiracy at eighteen to slowly moving to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin.

Fred has also written articles for the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, the Toronto Sun, C2C Journal, iPolitics, and the Dorchester Review, and is often a panelist on the CTV News Channel.

In 2000, he founded NorthernBlues Music, a cutting-edge blues label that has released over 70 CDs and has garnered 12 Juno Award and more than 40 Blues Music Award nominations – three of which were for Album of the Year. In 2007, Fred started the Free Thinking Film Society to showcase films on liberty, freedom and democracy. The Society has shown over 100 events which include films, book launches and panel discussions.

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