Here's a picture of Harry Connick, Sr., aged 93, at his home in New Orleans. He replaced Garrison as D.A. in 1973, and found a complete mess in the office which he had to clean up.

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The Power of Garrison

Why was Marina Oswald scared of being called before the Grand Jury in New Orleans. Find out in Chapter One: The Taking of New Orleans 1-2-3.

04. Marina Oswald headline.jpg

Here is an anonymous letter sent to Attorney General Ramsey Clark in 1967. Was Jim Garrison running a homosexual shakedown racket? Find out in Chapter Two: A Beautiful Mind?

08. Anonymous letter to DOJ.png

Jim Garrison claimed in February 1967 that he had solved the JFK assassination. But had he really?

20. Headline JFK Death is Solved.png

Was this New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw behind the JFK assassination?


Jim Garrison arrested  Clay Shaw on March 1, 1967 for conspiring to kill President Kennedy. Did Garrison have any evidence, at the time, that Shaw was involved in a conspiracy? Find out in Chapter Four: Enter Stage Right: Perry Russo

23. Press release arrest of clay

Garrison believed that this notation in Clay Shaw's notebook tied him to Lee Harvey Oswald. But, did it really? Find out in Chapter Five: My Son, the Cryptographer.

24. Lee Odom notation in Clay Shaw addre

Confidential Magazine from August 1968 written by a Garrison staffer. Did a homosexual ring kill Kennedy?

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Pravda ran a story, from the Italian press, in March 1967 claiming that Clay Shaw worked for the CIA.  Was that true? Find out in Chapter Eight: The Great Accuser.

37. Pravda article on Clay Shaw.jpg

Garrison claimed that a shot from the sewer on Elm Street in Dallas killed Kennedy? Was there any truth to that?

48. Headline about assassin killed Kenne

There were some surprises at the trial of Clay Shaw. Find out more in Chapter Nine: The Trial.

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Jim Garrison also sought to extradite this man, Edgar Eugene Bradley, from California to face charges he conspired to kill Kennedy. Find out what happened in Chapter Ten: Edgar Eugene Bradley Was a Tramp.

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One of the best cut lines ever - did pinko homos kill JFK?  Find out in Chapter Eighteen: On the Trail of Delusion.

97b. Advocate cut on Pinko homos iced th

Did this man, Louis Bloomfield, run an assassination bureau? Find out in Chapter Nineteen: Garrison's Forgotten Victim - Major Louis Bloomfield.

118. Picture of Louis Bloomfield from La

You will be inspired by George Mantello's story - but was he part of a CIA front organization that funneled money to right-wing extremists?

113. Chicago Tribute may 8 1992 obituary