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Did Rose Cherami Watch the Dallas Motorcade on Television?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Joan Mellen, in her book A Farewell To Justice, claims that Rose Cherami was watching the Dallas motorcade on television on November 22, 1963: (page 206)

"On Friday, November 22nd, at twenty minutes before noon, Rose was watching television in the hospital recreation area. Scenes in Dallas flashed on the screen. President Kennedy was on his way.
"Somebody's got to do something!" Rose shouted. "They're going to kill the president!" No one paid any attention. The motorcade pulled into view. "Watch!" Rose cried out. "This is when it's going to happen! They're going to get him! They're going to get him at the underpass!"
"POW!" Rose yelled as the shots rang out.

Pretty creative, dialogue, no? Of course, the motorcade was not televised.

Joan Mellen got this from the following memo:

This is all so silly. Didn't Fruge already investigate? He picked up Rose Cherami from the hospital on November 27, 1963. Did no one say anything to him? Did he not ask anybody if Rose said anything after he brought her there? Did anybody in Garrison's office really believe she could have watched the motorcade on television?

Joan Mellen wasn't the only conspiracy theorist to believe this nonsense. In the July - August, 1999 issue of Probe Magazine, James DiEugenio wrote:

"At the hospital, Cheramie again predicted the assassination. On November 22nd, several nurses were watching television with Cheramie. According to these witnesses, "... during the telecast moments before Kennedy was shot Rose Cheramie stated to them, 'This is when it is going to happen' and at that moment Kennedy was assassinated. The nurses, in turn, told others of Cheramie's prognostication." (Memo of Frank Meloche to Louis Ivon, 5/22/67.) Although the Dallas motorcade was not broadcast live on the major networks, the nurses were likely referring to the spot reports that circulated through local channels in the vicinity of the trip."

DiEugenio actually believes this memo corroborates her supposed foreknowledge.

None of those nurses ever came forward with any information regarding Cherami. Her hospital records contain no indication she said anything about the JFK assassination.


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