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Fletcher Prouty and Army Intelligence in Dallas

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Here is a memo, dated February 21, 1997, from the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) on army intelligence in Dallas. Fletcher Prouty's allegations were dismissed.

Prouty had claimed that he had "worked with military presidential protection units," but the document says (on page 10) that "On balance, in his ARRB interview Prouty seemed to be much less knowledgeable about any such units than he suggested in his various writings, leaving us with virtually nothing to follow up on."

Prouty had also claimed in one of his books that the "316th Field detachment of the 112th Military Intelligence Group" was told to "stand down" and help in Dallas. This was based on a phone call he had made to a member of the unit, the number two man...but Prouty could not remember his name. The commander of the 316th. Colonel Rudolph Reich denied the allegations. He told the ARRB that neither the 316th nor the 112th "ever undertook such missions" and denied talking to Prouty. "Of Prouty's allegation in general, Reich remarked, 'That guy has been smoking something...'"

On page 13, you can see that Prouty admitted that he had "no idea how they [the Secret Service] run their business."

Coming Up: The Reich complaint about Mark Lane, and the complete ARRB interview with Reich.


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