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Clay Shaw's Permindex File

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

If you manage to get to the National Archives in Maryland, you can actually go through the papers of Clay Shaw. There are 23 boxes of material, and you can click here to see the complete listing.

I was quite excited when I found an entire file of Permindex material. A lot of it has faded over time - and so, I have tried to do my best to make it more readable.

Here is the actual flyer from Permindex, which was a business venture created to start a world trade center in Basle, Switzerland. They had trouble raising enough capital in Basle and moved the venture to Rome. Ultimately, the organization could not find enough tenants and they closed in 1962.

Here is a timeline of Shaw's activities regarding Permindex.

Here is Clay Shaw's appointment to the board.

Here is that letter from the Chairman of the Board.

Here is a telegram from Clay Shaw accepting membership in the Board of Directors.

Shaw asked the Italian Trade Commissioner to report back on the CMC.

Here is that report.

Here is a letter from a friend of Clay Shaw about working for Permindex.

Clay Shaw's reply.

The CMC was hoping that Shaw would help in finding prospective tenants.

Another letter hoping that Shaw would help find tenants.

Some people wrote Clay Shaw about the CMC.

And, here is Clay Shaw's reply.

As you can see from the above letters, Shaw did not know much about the day-to-day activities of the CMC. He never attended a Board meeting and he never went to Rome to visit the operations.

All in all a pretty boring story.

For the complete story of Permindex/CMC, please read my book, On The Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser.


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