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Exclusive - Louis Bloomfield's Secret Correspondence with George H. W. Bush...

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Michele Metta's book, On The Trail of Clay Shaw: The Italian Undercover CIA and Mossad Station and the Assassination of JFK, is a book I hope some of you will read. Perhaps one of you can tell me exactly what is in this book. Clearly the book was written in Italian and the translation into English is really poor, and, as such, the book is completely impenetrable.

The content is laughable, and I will be discussing more of the book in future posts.

Here is one passage where I can add some clear value to readers (pages 137-138):

“Finally, there existed a dense and long correspondence beween Louis Bloomfield, CMC majority shareholder, and George H. Bush. This correspondence is among the boxes of documents submitted by Louis Bloomfield himself, as explicitly expressed in his own will, to the Library and Archives Canada, in order to be read by researchers. However, they are still inaccessible due to a really meaningful veto by Bloomfield’s widow.”

So, I am proud to present the complete correspondence between Louis Bloomfield and George H. W. Bush.

If you want to read some of this book, you can check out its' Amazon page - you can preview several pages, and you can also search inside the book.


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