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Fletcher Prouty's Interview with the ARRB, Part Four

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Did Prouty keep the notes from his supposed phone call about army intelligence?

Yesterday's post examined Prouty's allegation that he called army intelligence after the assassination and that they complained about the Secret Service refusing their protection services.

What happened to the notes from that supposed phone call?

Allegation #4: "I have kept the notes I made during that call and shall quote from them here."

[Prouty in Plausible Denial (by Mark Lane), p. XV]

Here is that excerpt from Mark Lane's book:

Here is Prouty's testimony before the ARRB:

Wray: I've seen various places where you've written that you kept notes from that conversation.

Prouty: Yeah. Just telephone --

Wray: Do you still have those, or -- ?

Prouty: Oh, I think they're long gone. You know, every time the phone rings, I take notes. Just like here, I take notes (Indicating notes he has been taking in front of him) But I don't know whether I'd have that stuff or not.

Result or conclusion by ARRB: It was hoped that the notes from this conversation, mentioned in a forward of a 1991 book, might be our best opportunity to add records to the collection. It is unfortunate that the notes appear to have disappeared since that time, and we are unable to add them to the collection.

Update to this allegation

James DiEugenio, in a review of my book On the Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser, defended Prouty:

When asked by the ARRB if he had any notes on this, Fletcher said he did not. (See page 6 of the ARRB summary of the interview) Fletcher did have the notes of the call. And Len Osanic has seen them.

This is very interesting. DiEugenio wrote that the conversation was between Prouty and Bill McKinney. As shown in yesterday's post, McKinney said the phone call occurred in 1977 or 1978, and that he called Prouty as a reporter to talk about trains [Prouty was working at that time for Amtrak].

So, if Osanic has seen the notes, well, what do they say? DiEugenio is not saying.

On Facebook, DiEugenio refused to clarify anything about McKinney and Prouty.

Allegation #5: "It 'knew Dallas was dangerous,' the commander told my associate in explaining why he had decided to offer his services." (Emphasis added.) [Prouty, JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and The Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, page 294]

Here is the excerpt from Prouty's book:

Here is what the ARRB had to say about this passage:

"It is important to note the fact that where [sic] in his writing, Prouty identifies this man as his associate, in his statements to the ARRB, he was a previously unknown man with no verified identification whose name does not appear on any unit roster."

You can download the ARRB interview with Fletcher Prouty on the Documents page.

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