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Was Marina Oswald Involved in the JFK Assassination?

Here's an article I just came across in the papers of Dick Russell. It's from September 3, 1975 and was most probably in the New York Daily News, which is where Dick Brass worked.

Fletcher Prouty and Richard Sprague embarrass themselves in front of everybody by claiming:

  • No shots from the sixth floor window of the TSBD.

  • No one took the backyard photographs of Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • Marina Oswald might have been in on the plot.

  • Secret service policy only allowed for a minimum speed of 44 mph in a motorcade.

  • The umbrella man may "have signaled the assassination."

Here is the press release for Prouty's article:

You can read "The Guns of Dallas" here. The article included this:

and this:

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29 sept. 2021

Bud Fensterwald of the Committee To Investigate Assassinations ("The other CIA") told me that Marina was "definitely KGB", but he didn't suggest that she was involved in the assassination.

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