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Sylvia Meagher and Jim Garrison, Part Three - a never before published article by Meagher

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Here is an earlier Meagher article in which she exhibits her disgust at Warren Commission critics who ran down to New Orleans to support Jim Garrison.

She refused to go. "I have not made the pilgrimage to New Orleans nor do I intend to make the journey. Testimonials notwithstanding, Mr. Garrison strikes me not as a hero but a master of improvisation."

Of course, initially Meagher welcomed his investigation. She even wrote him a letter of support and offered her services. "My view of Garrison was drastically altered when he began to unveil his evidence and his witnesses." And this is where her unpublished articles gets interesting.

She evaluates Russo's testimony from the preliminary hearing. "I find it hard to believe that three would-be assassins discussed the logistics of an assassination in the presence of a casual acquaintance and non-participant in their plot."

Meagher was also not impressed with the testimony of Vernon Bundy, the criminal drug addict who supposedly saw Shaw and Oswald on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. "I was alarmed that Garrison offered as serious evidence against Shaw the testimony of Vernon Bundy, on top of the highly dubious allegations by Russo."

The rest of her article concerns the Warren Commission critics and their hypocritical reaction to Garrison.

Here is her unpublished article, "Garrison and the Warren Report Critics: Strangeloves and Surprising Coalitions (August 8, 1967).


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