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Sylvia Meagher Corresponds with Philippe Labro

Updated: Apr 6

Philippe Labro was a French journalist who covered the JFK Assassination for France-Soir.

Meagher references the "so-called code." Garrison believed he was a cryptologist and he thought he had found a coded link between Lee Harvey Oswald and Clay Shaw. You can see a list of links about the code below.

Meagher discusses Garrison's fascination with Kerry Thornley. Click here for all of my posts on Kerry Thornley.

The story about Mark Lane and Garrison's files was told by Tom Bethell (see his diary entry for November 4, 1967)

The first two paragraphs above on Lane and the other critics are important.

He writes:

Dear Sylvia:
Thanks for your latest letters. I am afraid we fully agree on one thing: The disappointment over Garrison's failure and fraud. In fact, the whole thing has been such a blow -- after the hope I had in him, having seen him and having been "charmed" -- that this whole affair fades away in my mind, memory, and interest. I have a dark feeling the truth will not be known and, worse, that nobody cares anymore.

Previous Relevant Links about Garrison's Code

A complete history of Garrison's code with all the relevant documents.

Garrison's codes and a nice spoof on Garrison.

An hilarious look at another Garrison code, one which was ridiculed by Sylvia Meagher.

A spoof of Garrison's silly beliefs on codes.

Meagher discusses Garrison's code with Penn Jones.

Previous Relevant Blog Posts regarding Sylvia Meagher and Jim Garrison

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Meagher also wrote poetry.

Meagher's very good idea shows that Garrison didn't care to learn the truth.

Thornley tells Meagher about an article illustrating Garrison's pre-occupation with the JFK assassination.

Bethell wrote Meagher about Charles Spiesel and his ridiculous testimony at the Clay Shaw trial.

Sylvia Meagher's terrific letter to Look Magazine in response to their article "The Persecution of Clay Shaw."

She was very pleased with his acquittal.

Meagher writes Clay Shaw a letter and his response is just terrific.

Dr. Wecht didn't think too much of Garrison, either.

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This phone call broke their relationship.

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