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David Lifton's Memo on Jim Garrison and Kerry Thornley

David Lifton started working with Jim Garrison in September of 1967 and met with him in October. He had become friends with Kerry Thornley and felt that they could help Garrison's investigation. It didn't take long for the tables to reverse and Thornley became a target of Garrison's probe.

Lifton wrote about his experiences for the Los Angeles newspaper, Open City. Kerry Thornley also wrote about his experience with Garrison.

Here is a David Lifton memo "Thoughts and Comments about DA Garrison and Kerry Thornley" that was circulated to many Warren Commission critics in 1968.

The following documents are mentioned in his memo, and are reproduced below. These include:

  1. Thornley statement on his Warren Commission deposition.

  2. Thornley statement on Russian lessons.

  3. Thornley statement on the U-2 planes at Atsugi.

  4. Lifton statement on Heindel.

  5. Lifton statement on Garrison.

Money quote is one page 2: his story about the phone number that supposedly connected Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.

thornley statement on warren commission deposition
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Harold Weisberg wrote two letters in response to Open City, Kerry Thornley replied, and David Lifton wrote a memo regarding the correspondence.

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