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Was Oswald's Alias a Code for a Jack Ruby Stripper?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

While going through Jim Garrison's papers at NARA in Maryland, I found this letter that was sent to him, along with a newspaper clipping.

I thought this was all meaningless pap, and I ignored it. I had no reason to believe that Jim Garrison took any of this seriously.

I recently purchased 150 pages of Jim Garrison's manuscript, A Farewell to Justice, from 1985. Here is his summary of Chapter 12:

So, Garrison actually believed this nonsense! He was intrigued by the city of Omaha, which is where Thomas Beckham used to hang out. Beckham was a con man and an associate of Fred Crisman.

Prentice Hall decided to go ahead with Garrison's book. They paid him a $10,000 advance but they hired Sylvia Meagher to be the referee. She wrote a 26-page critique, and she noticed the 'Delilah' anagram. Here is part of her report to Prentice Hall:

In fact, Sylvia Meagher had a bit of fun with the Jekyll-Hyde association. John Kelin, in a blog post, noted that:

In a published review of The Two Assassins, Sylvia Meagher noted that the letters in the name "Renatus Hartogs" could themselves be re-arranged to these phrases: "Trash outrages," and "Strange Authors."
Meagher dreamed up a third anagram, "Thor's Great Anus." Her editor deleted it.

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