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Sylvia Meagher's Review of "The Kennedy Conspiracy" by Paris Flammonde

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Here is Sylvia Meagher's review of Paris Flammonde's book, The Kennedy Conspiracy: An Uncommissioned Report on the Jim Garrison Investigation, which was published in 1969. The review appeared in the March 7, 1969 issue of Commonweal.

Money Quote:

The uncommissioned book glows with Flammonde's sincere enthusiasm and faith in Garrison and his "case." Undoubtedly, his intention was to produce an unweighted presentation; but he failed, and produced one that it totally uncritical. By accepting "facts" that are not facts at all, by equating unsupported or insupportable allegations with demonstrable truth, and by overlooking at times parts of the record which are destructive to his theses, Flammonde has built a structure that leans so precariously toward Garrison and rests on so insubstantial a foundation as to doom it to collapse.

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