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Sylvia Meagher Writes Clay Shaw with an Idea

Sylvia Meagher wrote a letter to Clay Shaw with a terrific point:

Clay Shaw was in San Francisco at the St. Francis Hotel on the 22nd and the 23rd of November. He then went to Portland, Oregon.

And Jim Garrison knew exactly where he was:

In March 1967, Garrison met in Las Vegas with Jim Dondson, the man that Shaw spent a large part of the November 22nd weekend with. Did he not ask if Shaw made any phone calls to New Orleans? For more on Dondson and Clay Shaw, click here.

And Garrison did taken an interest in tracing long distance phone calls:

Perhaps Garrison did not want to know the real answer.

Just as he didn't want to know the real answer to the Cadillac that was supposedly seen in Clinton.

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