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Tom Bethell Writes Sylvia Meagher about the Shaw Trial

Charles Spiesel testified on February 7 - 8, 1969, for the prosecution at the Shaw trial. He told the jury that he heard Clay Shaw talk about the assassination with David Ferrie at a party in New Orleans. On cross examination, Spiesel was unveiled as a complete loon who had sued the City of New York for hypnotizing him dozens of time against his will.

New Orleans Times-Picayune, February 8, 1969

Here is a CIA document on Charles Spiesel:

Garrison staffer Tom Bethell wrote a letter to Sylvia Meagher about the beginning of the Clay Shaw trial:

The second and third paragraphs relate to Charles Spiesel -- Bethell indicates that James Alcock knew some elements of Spiesel's background.

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