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Sylvia Meagher's Report on the Warrenologists

Sylvia Meagher was planning on holding a meeting in her apartment with Warren Report critics in 1965. Here is a letter she wrote Maggie Field about the upcoming meeting:

Jones Harris was right about Lane and it wouldn't take long for Sylvia Meagher to figure it out for herself.

It's not surprising that they had a major argument during the meeting. The critics of the Warren Report could not even agree on lunch. I shouldn't be too hard -- after all, what is wrong with arguing.

As for the search of the Texas School Book Depository, it probably was good police practice to go up floor by floor.

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Edward Jay Epstein was a towering figure in the JFK assassination research community.

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You can see that Ferrie was reading Inquest when he died.

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Eric Norden, the journalist who conducted the Playboy interview with Garrison, sent a memo of secret information to the editors.

Garrison also sent a memo to Playboy with information not for print.

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Bethell wrote Meagher about Charles Spiesel and his ridiculous testimony at the Clay Shaw trial.

Sylvia Meagher's terrific letter to Look Magazine in response to their article "The Persecution of Clay Shaw."

She was very pleased with his acquittal.

Meagher writes Clay Shaw a letter and his response is just terrific.

Dr. Wecht didn't think too much of Garrison, either.

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An exchange of letters between Popkin and Meagher.


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