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Garrison, White-Collar Demagogue

Updated: Jan 9

Here is a book review of Edward Jay Epstein's 1969 book, Counterplot: (you can read his book here)

New York Magazine, February 10, 1969

Money quote:

After reading Mr. Epstein's fascinating Counterplot (a chunk of it ran in the New Yorker), I have evolved my own theory, to which I refuse to swear under oath. It is this: the "second Oswald" is really Jim Garrison. Both wanted a piece of the attention action in America. Both suffered from the strange new disease of media penis envy. Both sought a means of making names for themselves beyond the confines of small-time lives and dreams. One did it by squeezing a trigger, the other by shooting from the lip. Both succeeded, but while one was a loser the other is still the District Attorney of an American city.

Here is one of the internal memos from Playboy:

Murray Fisher was a Senior Editor at Playboy Magazine.

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