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RFK Jr.'s Super Bowl Ad was a Disgrace

RFK Jr. is not endangering anybody by perpetuating conspiracy theories about the assassinations of his father and uncle, and it is understandable that the enormity of those losses could make anyone think there must be more to it. But his anti-vax nonsense threatens all of us in the aftermath of a pandemic that claimed the lives of more than a million Americans and is still killing hundreds every day.

Back in December 2021, word got out that RFK Jr.’s wife, the actor Cheryl Hines, had asked guests coming to their holiday party to be vaxxed. RFK Jr. sought to explain away the hypocrisy by saying he was “not the boss of my house.”

He tried a similar wiggle on Sunday after his cousin Bobby Shriver went on X to say, “My cousin’s Super Bowl ad used our uncle’s faces—and my Mother’s. She would be appalled by his deadly health care views. Respect for science, vaccines, & health care equity were in her DNA.”

RFK Jr. replied: “I’m so sorry if the Super Bowl advertisement caused anyone in my family pain. The ad was created and aired by the American Values Super PAC without any involvement or approval from my campaign. F.E.C. rules prohibit Super PACs from consulting with me or my staff. I love you all. God bless you.”

But the ad was only seeking to further RFK Jr.’s continuing attempt to capitalize on his surname. Nobody should compare him to an assassin, but his views are a heedless threat to innocent life and it should be said that he is essentially a loser seeking to elevate himself with a name.

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