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Does RFK Jr. Have a Leaky Brain?

Here is a transcript of the first segment from above:

RFK Jr.: Wi-Fi radiation does all kinds of bad things including causing cancer.

Joe Rogan: Wi-Fi radiation causes cancer?

RFK Jr.: Yeah, from your cellphone. There are cellphone tumors. You know, I am representing hundreds of people who have cellphone tumors behind the ear. It's always on the ear that you favor with your cellphone. And, you know, we have the science. So, if anybody lets us in front of a jury, it will be over.

Joe Rogan: What is the number? Because a lot of people use cell phones.

RFK Jr.: There is a lot of people with it -- they are glioblastomas -- that's the kind of cancers that they get. Cancer is not the worst thing, they also, you know, it opens up, Wi-Fi radiation opens up your blood-brain barrier.

Here is a transcript of the second segment from above:

Joe Rogan: So, what do you think Wi-Fi is doing to us, since it is everywhere, since everybody is experiencing it, including you? What do you think it is doing to us?

RFK Jr.: I think it degrades your mitochondria, and it opens your blood-brain barrier.

Joe Rogan: Do you see anything online that it can open your blood-brain barrier?

Jamie: I don't know about how, but I ...

Joe Rogan: But it does?

Jamie: I found an article, I was trying to find the validity of it, but it has a statement on here ...

Joe Rogan: [reading]... damages the blood-brain barrier. Radio-frequency radiation exposure has been shown to affect the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, as well as altering the expression of micro-RNA within the brain, which researchers state could lead to adverse effects such as neuro-degenerative disease. Whoa! How come we don't know that?

Jamie: There's a doctor that did a study and said and expanded on research in China and published an article here, but I was looking around ...

RFK Jr.: They call it leaky brain.

Joe Rogan: The findings were followed by suppression, misinformation, and a shutdown of government-funded research in the United States.

RFK Jr.: Yes, it's the same, the same play.

Joe Rogan: Oh, we got to get rid of Wi-Fi. What the fuck, Jamie?

The implication is clear - if RFK Jr., God forbid, gets elected as president, it's the end of Wi-Fi. So, save your ethernet cables.

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