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RFK Jr. Names the Mastermind of the JFK Assassination

Here is an excerpt from a transcript starting at 1:36: (emphasis added)

RFK Jr.: ... he [Lee Harvey Oswald] was a marine working at the Atsugi Air Force Base and which was the CIA Air Force Base in you know with the U-2 flights which was a CIA program and that he was recruited by James Jesus Angleton who was the director of Counterintelligence and then sent on a fake defection to Russia and then brought back you know to Dallas and people didn't know that, even though it's been known for decades but it never percolated into the mainstream media because they have such a, you know, they have such an allergy to anything that that challenges the Warren Report and when Congress investigated my uncle's murder in the 1970s, the Church Committee did, and they did you know two and a half year investigation and they had many many more documents and much more testimony available to them than the Warren Commission had, and this was a decade after the Warren Commission. They came to the conclusion that my uncle was killed by a conspiracy, and there was a division where essentially one guy on that Committee believed it was primarily the mafia, but Richard Schweitzer [sic: Schweiker] who was the Senator head of the Committee said, you know, straight out, the CIA was involved in the murder of the President United States and I've talked to most of the staff on that Committee and they said yeah I'm and [3:17] the CIA was stonewalling us the whole way through and the actual people that the CIA appointed, George Joannides, who would who the CIA appointed as a liaison to the Committee, they brought him out of retirement. He had been one of the masterminds of the assassination. There's no I mean I it's impossible to even talk about a tiny the fraction of the evidence here what I suggest to people there are hundreds of books written about this that you know assemble this evidence and mobilize the evidence. The best book to me for people to read is James Douglass's book which is called The Unspeakable [sic: the book is actually JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters] and he Douglass does this extraordinary, he’s an extraordinary scholar and he does this is an amazing job of digesting and summarizing and mobilizing all of them you know the probably a million documents and you know the evidence from all these confessions that have come out into a coherent story and it's riveting to read and you know I recommend people who do not take my word for it you know and don't take, don't take anybody else's word for go ahead and do the research yourself and one way to do that is probably the most efficient way is to read Douglas's book because he has all the references there ...

There you have it - George Joannides was a mastermind of the JFK assassination.

This is indicative of RFK Jr.'s sloppy thinking. He routinely talks about confessions and conspiracy without providing firm proof of anything.

Jefferson Morley won't stop talking about George Joannides and his supposed "Oswald operation"; now Joannides has been given a huge promotion.

I don't know what comes next, but stay tuned.

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