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Is RFK Jr. a 9/11 Truther?

Peter Bergen: The official explanation of 9/11—do you, you buy?

RFK Jr.: Which is what?

Peter Bergen: Al-Qaeda attacked us on 9/11.

RFK Jr.: I don’t know what happened on 9/11. I mean, I understand what the official explanation is. I understand that there is dissent. I have not looked into it. I haven’t examined it. I’m not a good person to talk to about it.

Peter Bergen: Well, I mean, so there’s doubt in your mind that al-Qaeda was responsible?

RFK Jr.: Well, I know, I don’t know, you know. I know there’s strange things that happened that don’t seem—

Peter Bergen: What are the strange things?

RFK Jr.: Well, one of the buildings came down that wasn’t hit by a plane. So, you know, was it Building 7 or Building 10?

Peter Bergen: That collapsed because two of the world’s biggest buildings collapsed on top of it.

RFK Jr.: No, they didn’t collapse on top of it. My offices were down there. My offices were closed—

Peter Bergen: So one of the buildings, next to the Trade Center—

RFK Jr.: There’s pictures of it collapsing. There’s nothing collapsing on top of it. I mean, listen, I don’t want to argue any theories about this because all I’ve heard is questions. I have no explanation. I have no knowledge of it. But what you’re repeating now, I know not to be true.

Bergen then adds this paragraph to the transcript:

To clarify — yes, I could have been more precise here – the government’s official report found that Building 7 was hit with debris from the North Tower. That impact caused fires, which led to the building collapse. It’s very well documented and there’s nothing “strange” about it.

The conversation continues:

RFK Jr.:: It's not something that I, you know, any part of I endorse

one way or the other, but I do think that it ought to be permissible in this

country to question official narratives.

Peter Bergen: I couldn't agree with you more… I’ve spent three decades

reporting on al-Qaeda, interviewed bin Laden and, you know, spent a lot of my

life, uh, going around the world reporting on this.

RFK Jr.: I know you have, I admire you greatly for that.

Peter Bergen: But just on the 9/11 investigation, you know, this was the largest

criminal investigation in history. There are 500,000 leads, 170,000 witness

interviews. You're not accepting that that kind of was a…

RFK Jr.: I, I don't tell me what I'm accepting or not,

Peter Bergen: Yeah,

RFK Jr.: because I never said I don't accept that.

Peter Bergen: Okay, but what are you saying? Because you are saying that you


RFK Jr.: I’m saying I have no expertise in it.

Peter Bergen: You have, okay. But you still have, still have questions about it?

RFK Jr.: Well, I'm not, you know, I haven't read the data myself.

And unfortunately for me, Peter, because it's made my life kind of difficult, is I

don't always accept official explanations.

You would think that RFK Jr. would familiarize himself with the 9/11 Commission and its conclusions. After all, he is running for President.

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