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Russian Propaganda Outlets are Pushing RFK Jr.

Russian state propaganda outlets RT and Sputnik have been heavily promoting US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., publishing dozens of articles about him and using his speeches to amplify pro-Kremlin, anti-US talking points. The timing of the propaganda push lines up with the lead-up to and announcement of Kennedy’s presidential candidacy, which raises some big red flags about potential election interference on the part of Russia.
On Sputnik News, a state-run outlet which was established by the Russian-government-owned news agency Rossiya Segodnya in 2014, a search for “Robert F Kennedy” yields 176 articles. Almost all of the coverage of Kennedy has been in the past two months. Prior to April 2023, Sputnik had only tagged four articles about Kennedy. The spike in coverage coincides with the kickoff of Kennedy’s presidential candidacy; the paperwork for his candidacy was filed on April 5.

Americans who read my blog might not know the extent of interference by the Chinese government United Front Work Department in Canadian affairs. China has tried to elect various candidates in the last two Canadian elections, and has also interfered in nomination races.

I imagine that Russia will try to interfere in American politics in this cycle. Here is the conclusion to the article above:

Most alarmingly, on numerous occasions, Kennedy and his anti-vaccine organization have pushed falsehoods and conspiracy theories that have aligned with Russian propaganda narratives, suggesting at the very least that there is a significant degree of ideological overlap between Kennedy and the Kremlin. He has also shown that he is willing to lend his voice to Russian state media, and to promote anti-American Russian talking points to the US population. This would be bad enough if Kennedy were just another public figure, but as a presidential candidate, the alignment between Kennedy’s public statements and Kremlin propaganda represents a potential national security threat, particularly if the Kremlin decides to promote Kennedy as a way of interfering in the US electoral process — and based on the data presented in this article, it appears that they may have already made plans to do just that.

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