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What in the world happened to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

Now, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has turned into a crank, a delusional conspiracy nut about, well, most things: vaccines, the JFK assassination, his father's assassination, the origins of COVID-19 and an almost endless litany of other subjects. He hangs around intellectually flatulent Steve Bannon and wacky Putin buddy Gen. Michael Flynn, and his name was floated recently as a potential running mate for Trump. 

Trump/Kennedy 2024? What a perfect pairing! Both are utterly unqualified, delusional, vain and would be a catastrophe for the country each in his own special way. Even his Kennedy sibs are supporting President Joe Biden, and JFK’s grandson mocked his second cousin on social. On Friday, the Democratic National Committee filed a federal election complaint against him for illegally working with a super PAC to get on the ballot in several states critical to President Biden.

Trump has already shown what he can do in four years. Elect Kennedy, and you’ll get something comparable: a parody of a presidency, a collection of fringe goofballs making Marianne Williamson look like Eleanor Roosevelt. Why does RFK Jr. play footsie with the Trump crowd? Because he’s inept.

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