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RFK Jr. Lauds Jim Garrison

RFK Jr. decided to quote a man who was responsible for "one of the most disgraceful chapters in the history of American jurisprudence." Jim Garrison ruined the life of an innocent gay man for absolutely no good reason. Garrison also cynically exploited Vietnam war protests, and legitimate criticism of the war, to further his conspiratorial view of the assassination.

Now we have RFK Jr. stating that the United States is being reckless in helping Ukraine fight against Vladimir Putin's violent aggression. Like Oliver Stone, he is incapable of finding fault with Vladimir Putin - - a ruthless dictator who has wrecked havoc in Ukraine and has even made the lives of Russian-speaking Ukrainians unbearable.

I wrote about the view that the United States can go nowhere until the JFK assassination is solved in my book Oliver Stone's Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza: (page 363)

The crux of JFK: Destiny Betrayed [Oliver Stone's documentary series] is a jejune political theory that JFK was going to withdraw from Vietnam and usher in an era of peace and detente. The CIA and the military-industrial establishment had to stop this, and the only way was to have JFK killed.

Emerging from this erroneous reading of history is a nihilist prescription, that unless we unravel the JFK conspiracy, the United States can never fully realize the promise of democracy.

Here is author David Talbot: (54:11 in Episode 4 of JFK: Destiny Betrayed)

I think there's a direct thread between the events of 1963, and the kind of horror show that America is having to endure right now. And I think once you kill a president in broad daylight on the streets of an American city, and everyone knows that powerful forces did it, and it can never be solved, that crime, that sends a signal, not only to the American people, but to the American media, to American future leaders. And if American really wants a democratic society, then we should get to the bottom of this traumatic crime that continues to reverberate throughout American history.

What kind of message is this? Telling people that their actions are useless unless the supposed JFK conspiracy and cover-up are revealed? Is this not a nihilist recipe for inaction?

A minute later (55:30) the narrator asks this question:

Can a democracy survive if it does not know its deepest secrets about the darkest days of its past?

None of this is new. Stone is just recycling the discredited theories of Fletcher Prouty, the model for Mr. X in his film JFK. Here is what Prouty wrote in his article “The Shadow of Dallas” in the January 1974 issue of Genesis magazine:

Until our government moves positively against this continuing cover-up of the three assassinations, and the many related crimes, we shall not have a free and unfettered country. The “offer they cannot refuse” hangs over the head of every man in office and over his every decision.

Watergate has helped us considerably. It has shown us what the will of the people can do. But until the people of this country rise up and demand that the stains of Dallas be removed, we shall continue in an uncertain manner and with an unknown shadow over us all.

This message of hopelessness is courtesy of a man [Oliver Stone] who believes that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is rational, calm, and thoughtful.

I don't know why Jefferson Morley thought this political view was worthy of his substack. I guess he agrees with the sentiment that the United States should just sit by and let Putin destroy Ukraine. And that the United States is destined to be a war-mongering country until the JFK assassination is solved -- at least to his satisfaction.

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