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Paul Bleau Chokes, Part 16

Francis Fruge

Paul Bleau's first chokehold is that "the official record impeaches the Warren Commission." He believes that: (page 38 in the Kindle edition of his book Chokeholds)

U.S. investigations into the assassination, statements made by investigation insiders and foreign government conclusions about the assassination prove that there is a strong consensus by the independent investigative authorities that there was a conspiracy in the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Bleau's chapter then lists out a variety of statements that seemingly prove conspiracy. Of course, Bleau doesn't tell readers the full truth about these viewpoints.

Francis Fruge—Garrison Case Investigator—Louisiana State Police Lieutenant

Bleau Assertion: (page 64)

Francis Fruge’s entry into the case actually began a few days before the assassination when he first encountered and questioned Rose Cheramie, a heroin-addicted call girl and drug courier, who predicted the assassination, and talked about her links with Jack Ruby while she was hospitalized from November 20 to 22, 1963. He met her again right after the murder. Fruge later became an important investigator for Jim Garrison. His account of this extremely incriminating story was summarized in a thoroughly documented July 1999 Probe Magazine article:

What Bleau Doesn't Tell You:

James DiEugenio claims that a Dr. Wayne Owens was told of the plot;

The word spread throughout the hospital that she had predicted Kennedy’s murder. Dr. Wayne Owen, who had been interning from LSU at the time, later told the Madison Capital Times that he and other interns were told of the plot in advance of the assassination. Amazingly, Cheramie even predicted the role of her former boss Jack Ruby because Owen was quoted as saying that one of the interns was told “ … that one of the men involved in the plot was a man named Jack Rubinstein.” (2/11/68) Owen said that they shrugged it off at the time. But when they learned that Rubinstein was Ruby they grew quite concerned. “We were all assured that something would be done about it by the FBI or someone. Yet we never heard anything.” (Ibid) In fact, Cheramie’s association with Ruby was also revealed to Dr. Weiss. In an interview with him after the assassination, Rose revealed that she had worked as a drug courier for Jack Ruby.

But DiEugenio gets it all wrong:

No. Dr. Owens did not corroborate the Cherami story in any way, shape, form, or manner.

The medical evidence is clear that Cherami was not murdered.

An article from 1957 relates to her credibility.

No. Dr. Owens did not corroborate the Cherami story in any way, shape, form, or manner.

There is no evidence she ever worked for Jack Ruby

Joan Mellen claims Cherami was watching the motorcade on television. This is ridiculous.

He claims she told him she was going to kill JFK.

There is no firm evidence that she predicted the assassination.

No, her information was useless.

Some conspiracy theorists are admitting the Rose Cherami story is nonsense.

It is doubtful Arcacha Smith was with Cherami.

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