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Paul Bleau on David Ferrie, the Pimp

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

His article alleges that Lee Harvey Oswald had an escort who accompanied him on many occasions. Bleau believes that the escort "was often described as short, stocky, in his early to mid-twenties, dark complected and he spoke little English or English with an accent."

I have actually dealt with this ridiculous allegation in this blog post: Who Exactly was the Man with a Scar? Somehow Bleau missed the scar.

Bleau presented 30 witnesses who described this supposed escort, and yesterday I covered #27 - Harvey Wade:

Here is Bleau's #1 - George Clark:

George Clark – (Garrison Files, confidential memorandum, Sciambra to Garrison April -23 1969, Shaw leads 2)

This first event is the only one that does not relate to a Latin escort. But, if true, would perhaps shed light on the strange relationship between down and outers like David Ferrie and Oswald with the upper crust Clay Shaw. George Clark, a plumber, was doing some work in Clay Shaw’s apartment in the Winter of 1959 (sic; 1956 - see document below) when he saw a 16-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald in his CAP uniform – David Ferrie had trained Oswald in the Civil Air Patrol – along with another young fellow who looked to be about 17 years old. During his second day of work he saw Clay Shaw arrive after a day’s work at the ITM.

Does this explain the travel bookings that were made out of the ITM by Oswald when he went to Russia? In the Garrison files there are a number of episodes described where former CAP students seem to be dragged into irresponsible situations by Ferrie and a number of sightings of him with Clay Shaw and young companions. It crossed my mind that Ferrie may have helped set up Shaw with young male dates. I discussed this with Jim DiEugenio and he sent me this jolting information in December 2021:

“I interviewed Larry Delsa in New Orleans. We had lunch and talked for about 4 hours. He was the HSCA investigator, along with Bob Buras, for New Orleans. He told me that Ferrie would take his cadets on bivouacking excursions to Keesler air base in Mississippi. Somehow Ferrie was allowed to do this which told him that Ferrie was really in tight with the military.

He said that from the interviews he did, he got the impression that while working with the CAP that he was securing young men for Shaw. I don't recall how he attained this information. If it was through interviews he did or files he secured. But that was the definite impression he conveyed to me. Unfortunately, he just passed away so I cannot call him. But he was really reliable.”

Where to even begin?

After the Clay Shaw trial was over, Garrison charged Shaw with perjury and sent his staff out to chase down old and new leads. He needed evidence to bolster his non-existent case against Shaw. Many memos were written under the rubric "Shaw Leads II" and my book, On the Trail of Delusion, lists some of the craziest ones.

So, a painter and carpenter saw Oswald at Shaw's house playing cards in 1963. Shaw was not there.

Now the story is that in the winter of 1956, Clark saw a young Lee Harvey Oswald at Shaw's apartment. Shaw was not there for part of the second day.

Does any of this sound credible? This was thirteen years later. Clark had not come forward in 1963-1964, nor had he come forward before the Clay Shaw trial (as far as I know).

Needless to say, George Clark is not mentioned in Jim Garrison's book.

Joan Mellen finds it all suspicious and she even finds corroboration for this in the anonymous letter sent to Garrison about Woodrow Hardy who also worked on Shaw's apartment.

Now, whatever you think about this lead, how on earth does this lead to a conclusion that David Ferrie was procuring boys for Clay Shaw?

James DiEugenio bills himself as "One of the most respected researchers and writers on the political assassinations of the 1960s," and somehow he believes this is cutting-edge research?

There is actually no evidence that Clay Shaw knew David Ferrie:

James DiEugenio writes in Destiny Betrayed:

"As Jim Garrison revealed in his book, On the Trail of the Assassins, he had statements from a number of witnesses who had seen the two together. And this is besides the witnesses in Clinton and Jackson. These witnesses included Jules Kimble who took a plane trip with the two men; David Logan who, after being introduced to Shaw by Ferrie, had a homosexual tryst with Shaw; Nicholas and Mathilda Tadin who saw Ferrie with Shaw at the New Orleans Airport where Ferrie was giving their son flying lessons; and Raymond Broshears who had a drink with Shaw and Ferrie, and later joined them for dinner." (page 209)

The following four blog posts debunk the stories of David Logan, the Tadins, Jules Kimble, and Raymond Broshears:

James DiEugenio claims that David Logan was introduced to Clay Shaw by David Ferrie. This is totally untrue. After the party, someone pointed out to Logan that Ferrie was at the party.

A look at Nicholas and Mathilda Tadin's claim that they saw David Ferrie with Clay Shaw.

When Kimble first talked to Garrison's investigators, he said nothing about Clay Shaw.

Raymond Broshears was a fabulist, and DiEugenio falls for his nonsense.

Here are other witnesses, mentioned by DiEugenio, that I have debunked:

James DiEugenio claims that Clay Shaw's former secretary, Aura Lee, saw Ferrie in Shaw's office. Only problem - her name was not Aura Lee; and she was not Shaw's former secretary; and there are no direct statements from Aurelie Alost.

While James DiEugenio does not claim that Herbert Wagner saw Shaw and Ferrie together, he does claim that Ferrie admitted to Wagner that he was part of Operation Mongoose. This is totally untrue.

This is James DiEugenio's favorite type of evidence -- non-existent.

DiEugenio's allegations about Freeport Sulphur only suffer from lack of evidence.

Joseph Newbrough never said a word about this allegation until he spoke to a conspiracy theorist. Was he weaving a story?

A ridiculous anonymous letter is good enough for James DiEugenio.

The witness did not get a good view of either man he took fishing.

More evidence that never turned up.

James DiEugenio claims that Lefty Peterson remembered a "Leon Oswald" at David Ferrie's house. This is totally not true.


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