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Paul Bleau Chokes, Part 2

Paul Bleau's book, Chokeholds, is a goldmine of material to debunk. In my first post on his book, I examined his introduction and found some comments which indicated that he believes the backyard photographs were faked.

Over the next several months, I will be going through his book to show exactly what he leaves out in the various people and reports that he quotes.

I think there's enough material to keep me going for quite some time.

In Bleau's chapter 9, "Proof of a Front Shot is Overwhelming" he includes the above picture with this comment:

During a press conference shortly after JFK was pronounced dead, White House Press Secretary, Malcolm Kilduff described the cause of death while pointing to his forehead, "Dr. Burkley told me it's a simple matter ... of a bullet right through the head."

Bleau should know that, at that early stage, Kilduff was just expressing the fact that Kennedy was hit in the head. He wasn't trying to show the exact location of the wounds. Of course, while Bleau quotes Kilduff to make his case, he doesn't object to Kilduff only referring to one bullet, as opposed to two bullets.

So, did Malcolm Kilduff believe in conspiracy?

Here is an article from the Dallas Morning News from November 23, 1999:

As you can see, Kilduff was convinced the shots came from the Texas School Book Depository:

When the shots were fried, Mr. Kilduff, said, the car he was riding in was directly under the sixth-floor window where Lee Harvey Oswald had been.
"I immediately turned and looked up," he said. "There is no doubt in my mind that's where all the shots came from."

I wonder why Paul Bleau didn't reference the above article.

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