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Paul Bleau and the IRS Man

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

A picture of Roland Brouillette from Jim Garrison's files.

His article alleges that Lee Harvey Oswald had an escort who accompanied him on many occasions. Bleau believes that the escort "was often described as short, stocky, in his early to mid-twenties, dark complected and he spoke little English or English with an accent."

I have actually dealt with this ridiculous allegation in this blog post: Who Exactly was the Man with a Scar? Somehow Bleau missed the scar.

Bleau presented 30 witnesses who described this supposed escort, and yesterday I covered #9 Edward Girnus.

Here is Bleau's #16 - Roland Brouillette:

Roland Brouillette - (Garrison Files: Miscel. Materials 2, page 87)

IRS employee Brouillette claimed to have seen Oswald with two foreigners entering a drug store (“it could have been Cubans”), during the Summer of 63. Here is part of what he had to say:

“Three men came up to me and the middle one I later identified as Oswald, the other two looked like foreigners. They were taller than Oswald, they looked like they were fresh from Cuba. They were tall and dark. They were between slight and heavy build… I was looking toward Canal Street and immediately then a heavy-set fellow backed out of the side entrance of Waterbury 's and asked the fellow coming out with him in a matter of fact tone, he said "How are you going to kill the President?"

Once again, Mr. Bleau will believe anybody. Here is Mr. Brouillette's complete statement:

So, the first time Mr. Brouillette saw Oswald was in the summer of 1963 when he and two other men came up to him. Somehow, they startled Oswald, and then Brouillette heard a voice:

They went into Waterbury's Drug Store. Whey they were in there, I heard a voice. While I was standing by the showcase side entrance I attributed it to be a spiritual one and it told me to listen. I said to myself, "listen to what, I don't hear anything."

Brouillette was by this time at the side entrance of the Drug Store and then one man came out talking to Oswald and asked, "How are you going to kill the President."

They knew that Brouillette had heard them, and they became quiet. The next day Brouillette saw Oswald again. I counted a total of 8 times that he saw Oswald.

I loved this section:

In one of the men's rooms in the old federal building there was a man standing next to me by the urinals who was carrying a newspaper package. It appeared to me to be a gun. I couldn't positively say that this was Oswald because I didn't get a good look at him. I immediately left the rest room after him and he caught one elevator and I caught another.

Brouillette said he went to the FBI with his story, but he didn't tell them everything "because it was near 5:00 (quitting time) and employees were coming in and out and getting their hats and coats."

Sounds like a good reason, no?

In the FBI report, Brouillette said that a group of four, possibly five men, came out the side door of the drug store. His Garrison statement says three people. And he left out six of his sightings of Oswald.

Brouillette is not mentioned in Jim Garrison's book, and he is not even mentioned by Joan Mellen in her book -- and she typically includes just about every conspiratorial story coming out of the Garrison investigation.

I wonder why.

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