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Paul Bleau and the Forger

His article alleges that Lee Harvey Oswald had an escort who accompanied him on many occasions. Bleau believes that the escort "was often described as short, stocky, in his early to mid-twenties, dark complected and he spoke little English or English with an accent."

I have actually dealt with this ridiculous allegation in this blog post: Who Exactly was the Man with a Scar? Somehow Bleau missed the scar.

Bleau presented 30 witnesses who described this supposed escort, and yesterday I covered #13 Leander D'Avy.

Here is Bleau's #9 - Edward Joseph Girnus:


Edward Joseph Girnus - (Garrison Files: Dean Andrews Page 10)

Sometime around May or June 1963, Girnus described this scene with Shaw, Oswald and another unidentified party. While not short per say, he is definitely stocky:

“SHAW was in the office and they started talking about guns. SHAW allegedly knew people who wanted to buy some guns. SHAW made a telephone call, and sometime thereafter two men came to the office. One of the men was LEE HARVEY OSWALD. OSWALD was introduced by SHAW to GIRNUS as LEE. GIRNUS cannot remember the name of the man who came in with OSWALD. He was well dressed in a business suit, 5’11” tall, 210 pounds, and he had dark black hair. OSWALD was wearing khaki pants and a white shirt.”

Bleau does not tell you that Girnus was interviewed while a prisoner at the United States penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia. He was serving a sentence of 28 years.

You can read the entire memo about his interview here. He told Garrison that Shaw was involved in running guns.

Here is one of his stories:

Girnus sent Garrison an FAA flight plan that was supposedly submitted by David Ferrie with Hidell [Oswald's alias] and Shaw [using the alias Lambert] as passengers.

Garrison should have realized that the flight plan was bogus. Lee Harvey Oswald was in Dallas on the date in question. Girnus' rap sheet included several forgery offenses, and you'd think that that would have alerted Garrison. Nope, Garrison told the HSCA that the document "looked quite credible, and that it made sense in some way."

Here is Girnus' rap sheet:

Why on earth does Paul Bleau find Edward Girnus to be a credible witness?

If you search a variety of newspaper archives, you can find many mentions of Girnus, for instance:

The Greenville News, May 17, 1966

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