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Paul Bleau Chokes, Part 10

Updated: Mar 10

Dr. George Burkley

Paul Bleau's first chokehold is that "the official record impeaches the Warren Commission." He believes that: (page 38 in the Kindle edition of his book Chokeholds)

U.S. investigations into the assassination, statements made by investigation insiders and foreign government conclusions about the assassination prove that there is a strong consensus by the independent investigative authorities that there was a conspiracy in the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Bleau's chapter then lists out a variety of statements that seemingly prove conspiracy. Of course, Bleau doesn't tell readers the full truth about these viewpoints.

Dr. George Burkley

Bleau Assertion:

Bleau presents the autopsy face sheet and the White House Death Certificate signed by Dr. Burkley:

Bleau writes the following: (page 50 in the Kindle edition)

These corroborate Sibert and O’Neill’s testimonies and contradict Gerald Ford’s (and the Warren Commission’s) description of the location of the Single Bullet entry point (back of the neck) … thus disqualifying the Single Bullet theory that it alone caused seven wounds to Governor Connally and the President.
Once asked the question: "Do you agree with the Warren Report on the number of bullets that entered the President’s body?” Burkley answered: “I would not care to be quoted on that.”
In 1976, Burkley’s lawyer William Illig contacted Richard Sprague of the HSCA, saying that his client had information that “others besides Oswald must have participated.”

What Bleau Doesn't Tell You:

Boswell's face sheet contains his written description of the wound;

14 cm from rt acromion” (the bony tip of the outer edge of your shoulder blade) and “14 cm below tip of rt mastoid process” (a conical prominence of the temporal bone behind the ear, to which neck muscles are attached).

This was all explained back in 1966: (Baltimore Sun, November 25, 1966)

Here is an excerpt from the second page:

Burkley simply made a mistake in his description in the death certificate of the wound being “at about the level of the third thoracic vertebra.” We know that because the pictures from autopsy show the exact location, which is about the level of the sixth cervical vertebra.

Admiral Burkley was interviewed by the HSCA in August 1977: Here we can see why Burkley was reticent to talk about bullets in his oral history interview with the Kennedy Library. He states:

Dr. Burkley said the doctors didn't section the brain and that if it had been done, it might be possible to prove whether or not there were two bullets. Dr. Burkley thinks there was one but concedes the possibility of there having been two.

Dr. Burkley might well have decided that the oral history interview was not the time nor place to talk about his thoughts on sectioning Kennedy's brain.

After all, Dr. Burkley's specialty was "internal medicine and cardiology." He was not a forensic pathologist and he understood the need for an autopsy.

Here is the reason why Burkley suspected others may have been involved. It has nothing to do with the medical evidence.

For more information on Dr Burkley, please check my multi-part series:

Bill Baxley, former Attorney General of Alabama, sent me a letter about Oliver Stone.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary series, JFK: Destiny Betrayed, makes several outrageous allegations about Admiral George Burkley, JFK's personal physician, as well as a slanderous accusation.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, misleads viewers into believing that JFK's doctor, Admiral George Burkley, said that there were multiple gunmen.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, misleads viewers on the context of discussions between Burkley's family and the ARRB regarding supposed papers in the possession of his lawyer.

Reckless charges are made against George Burkley with no evidence.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, greatly misleads viewers on Admiral George Burkley and his interactions with the HSCA.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary puts words in Burkley's mouth.

Dedicated to the memory of Admiral George Burkley, a baselessly accused loyal American who served his country honorably.

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