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Dedicated to Admiral George Burkley

My new book, Oliver Stone's Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza, has the following dedication:

Dedicated to the memory of Admiral George Burkley, a baselessly accused loyal American who served his country honorably.

I dedicated my book to Admiral Burkley because of the way he is treated in JFK: Destiny Betrayed - as a man who covered-up the truth. Oliver Stone's so-called documentary series claims that he did this to protect his family.

But, in fact, Dr. Burkley was a patriotic American who deeply admired President Kennedy. The belief that he would participate in a cover-up of the truth about the murder of a man he was dedicated to is offensive.

Here is a short excerpt from a transcript:

Dr. Donald Miller: Dr. Burkley knew perfectly well why he wasn't asked to testify before the Warren Commission. The reason he didn't say anything to his children, he didn't want them to know that he was intimately involved in the cover-up.

I am sure the Burkley family is bewildered by these reckless accusations.

The cavalier attitude of conspiracy theorists allows them to ignore the real-life consequences of their baseless charges.

Clay Shaw's life was ruined by Jim Garrison, and he was slandered by Oliver Stone. Larry Crafard, who briefly worked for Jack Ruby, had his marriage broken up because of the nonsense in conspiracy books. Kerry Thornley, who served in the Marines with Oswald, became hyper-paranoid and went off the deep end. Ruth Paine, who allowed Marina Oswald to room with her, has faced ridiculous insinuations that she was connected with the CIA. Carlos Bringuier, an anti-Castro Cuban in New Orleans, sent his wife and children to Argentina to spare them the pain of seeing him arrested by Jim Garrison. His wife then suffered a miscarriage. Roger Craig, a deputy sheriff in Dallas, went down the conspiracy rabbit hole and committed suicide.

As Joseph Welch asked of Joseph McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency?”

You can read more about Admiral Burkley in my book or in the links below.

Bill Baxley, former Attorney General of Alabama, sent me a letter about Oliver Stone.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary series, JFK: Destiny Betrayed, makes several outrageous allegations about Admiral George Burkley, JFK's personal physician, as well as a slanderous accusation.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, misleads viewers into believing that JFK's doctor, Admiral George Burkley, said that there were multiple gunmen.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, misleads viewers on the context of discussions between Burkley's family and the ARRB regarding supposed papers in the possession of his lawyer.

Reckless charges are made against George Burkley with no evidence.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, greatly misleads viewers on Admiral George Burkley and his interactions with the HSCA.

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary puts words in Burkley's mouth.

Over the past several months, I have shown in multiple blog posts how Oliver Stone's documentary series, JFK Revisited and JFK: Destiny Betrayed, misleads viewers. In fact, despite months of work, there are still many more misleading segments that need to be addressed. It's no wonder that the fact checkers of Netflix nixed the airing of the films.

There is a choice between four hours of tendentious nonsense (JFK: Destiny Betrayed) and two hours (JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass). As a handy guide for viewers, here are all those posts in order of their appearance in JFK: Destiny Betrayed and JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, preceded by some general critiques.

The Viewer's Guide has now been updated to include the sources from my new book, Oliver Stone's Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza.


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