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RFK Jr. Continues with JFK Assassination Nuttiness!

Here is an excerpt from a transcript: (11:30)

Russell Brand: Bobby, how can you say though, that it’s beyond reasonable doubt, that it was the CIA just because he sacked some higher-ups, because he was gonna dismantle it, or at least he had an intention to, because he was at odds with the military industrial complex. And, if that is true, do you suspect then other high profile assassinations -- there's a comparable structure behind it, including obviously, the assassination of your father and also, the if this is, you know, sort of 70 years ago, wherever how, how entrenched are those … how entrenched are those deep state interests now, with the, with the war, with the current conflicts that are with the with comparable motivations? Do not feel that these … when you have access to sources like this kind of personal information, do you not feel that this is an indefatigable enemy; that this is an unstoppable machine? I mean, like in this country, when Jeremy Corbyn like, you know, got a little bit of traction, but the media just shut that dude down. I mean, he could couldn't get arrested. But so like, how can you talk out, speak out openly against these kind of interests, let alone try and mobilize a political movement and stand against them? Without serious fear of, you know, well, assassination?

RFK Jr.: Let me answer the first question, your first question was, you know, why do I say that the case against the CIA, in terms of the assassination of my uncle, is beyond a reasonable doubt? The answer to that would take us a 10-hour podcast to even summarize because the amount of information is so voluminous at this point -- there, there are more than a million documents, including all the documents that show that Lee Harvey Oswald, that they recently released, you know, which we already knew, but it came as a shock to the United States because the press never reports it -- that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset. You know, Americans didn't know that. Certainly, the Warren Commission didn't know that, and Dulles made sure that they didn't know it. He was recruited when he was at the Atsugi Air Force Base in Japan. He was a Marine radar operator who was in charge of the U-2 flights, and then he defected to the Soviet Union. It was a fake defection that was organized by James Jesus Angleton, who was the Director of Counterintelligence at the CIA. And it was directed to uncover a mole at Langley, they felt, they knew they had a mole at Langley, and that mole incidentally was never caught. But that mole did tremendous damage to U.S. national interest. And one of the things that mole did is it allowed the CIA believe that, the U-2 flights were CIA, they weren't Air Force. And the other, the U-2 the CIA believed that when Khrushchev shot down one of the U-2s in 19, I think May of 1960 right before the election, that that one where Gary Francis Powers was a pilot, that that U-2 flight was shot down; the Russians were able to do that because of the information that were passed on to the Russians by the mole. Oh, they got Lee Harvey Oswald to defect, to do this very, very loud, fake defection that was covered in all the papers. And because it was a US Marine walking into the American Embassy and denouncing his citizenship and saying he wanted to be a citizen of Russia. Though he does all that, and, and then what they thought is when he did that, that the Russians would be very worried about who is this guy, and they would send a message to their moles, saying get us his file. And they had a trigger system on his files so anybody who touched it, they know that that was the mole. And but nobody actually went in and touched it. And so, two years later, they brought him back and he you know, in this weird situation, really Lee Harvey Oswald goes back to the US embassy from which he's defected and says, I want my passport back and they give it to him, and he, can I borrow $600? They gave it to him for an airplane ticket, and they sent him to Dallas, where he's picked up at the airport by George Mohrenschildt, who was a CIA asset and then who gets him the job at the Book Depository among many, many other things. But we know everything about what what Lee Harvey Oswald was doing at that period and before and after. We know his constant interactions with CIA handler, his CIA handler was a guy called David Atlee Phillips. I've talked to Cuban assassins who saw Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas in in November, oh, no, in September, October of 1963, with Lee Harvey Oswald. But Lee Harvey Oswald, then did this, you know, somebody did a fake defection of him, attempted defection to Cuba. It's kind of, we know so much about, including confessions of many of the people who were involved in the assassination, you know, deathbed confession of E. Howard Hunt, for example, who then mastered, and went on to mastermind the Watergate break-in, and, and many, many others. So, at this point, the evidence and by the way, Russell, if you ever or anybody who's listening to this want to read probably the best distillation the best, of all of this material, a guy who's completely encyclopedic man of the material, and is a really rigorous scholar, Jim Douglass, and he wrote a book called The Unspeakable [sic], I think it's the best book written about this, although I've read probably 40 or 50, maybe 100 books about, you know, the assassination stuff now, because once I started looking into it, I was interested in. The evidence that the CIA killed my father is much less is not well, that well documented, but it's highly circumstantial.

Where to even start? First, Russell Brand can't even coherently ask a question. He even believes that Jeremy Corbyn had to be brought down, when, in fact, he was brought down by his own antisemitism and his inept leadership of the Labour party. Second, RFK Jr.'s response is full of factoids gleaned from conspiracy books. While he brags about the number of JFK conspiracy books he has read, it's clear he doesn't have the mental acuity to understand what is nonsense.

RFK Jr. can't really tell Brand what the evidence is that the CIA killed JFK. Why, there's so many documents it would take him hours!

Once again, RFK Jr. mentions the "confessions of many of the people who were involved in the assassination." Like whom? He mentions E. Howard Hunt, but he confessed to being a "benchwarmer", and no one really takes his so-called deathbed statement seriously. Even Jefferson Morley is skeptical. The Mary Ferrell Foundation notes:

Hunt's story has been challenged due to its lack of corroboration, its internal inconsistencies and Hunt's failure to provide any details from his activities in 1963 which would support it.

And how about RFK Jr.'s statement that "I've talked to Cuban assassins who saw Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas." What's that all about?

And he gets several facts wrong. Oswald was not met at the airport by George de Mohrenschildt. And de Mohrenschildt did not get Oswald his job at the Texas School Book Depository. Nor was de Mohrenschildt a CIA asset. David Atlee Phillips was not Oswald's handler. Lee Harvey Oswald was not "in charge of U-2 flights." And he was not a CIA asset, nor was his defection false.

For someone who has read so many books, he certainly doesn't know some of the basic facts. But that won't stop from him from making ridiculous comments.

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