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Oliver Stone: Putin is a rational, calm, thoughtful man: the United States is a Doberman...

Stone has been merciless and has described the U.S. to a small group of journalists as "a Doberman, a methodical killer animal with a lot of money, too much money."

He goes on to say:

Oliver Stone has never hidden his sympathy for Vladimir Putin or for Russia. In fact, he made a documentary series in which he interviewed the Russian president in depth. He has not seen him for three years, and that is why he does not dare to say what he is like now, but he does believe that "the press has been irresponsible calling him crazy, saying that he is Hitler and Stalin." “That definition has nothing to do with the man I knew. A rational, calm, thoughtful man. He is a son of Russia. There is a very big distinction to be understood. The difference between patriotism and nationalism”, Stone has opined.

Of course, Stone believes the Ukrainians have no agency at all:

He has stressed that the US was the one who provoked this conflict, because what it did was "a coup in Ukraine to restore a pro-Western government." “Ukraine had been neutral until then, and that is important to remember. Suddenly, Russia was the enemy and, since then, the world has not been the same”, he said and recalled that for the US it is a strategic country: “Ukraine is part of the American plan. She always has been. Ukraine was always what they wanted and it is what they wanted in 2014 with that coup. They got what they wanted, which was to pit them against Russia. They want to change the regime in Russia, remove Putin and put in another Yeltsin and go to Russia's resources at a certain price."

And this is the great political strategist who brought us JFK and JFK Revisited?

And a reminder:

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