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Oliver Stone Says the Russians are "Kicking Ass" in Ukraine

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Here is a transcript of this short excerpt of an interview:

Oliver Stone: And once you get into a war situation in this Ukraine, you have so much propaganda, from, especially from the western side, it's so one-sided that everything becomes an anti-Russian issue. Obviously, they're the stronger country. They're winning the war. They're actually kicking ass. But uh we don't know that. In the west, we have no realization of what's really going on, because there's been no military honesty. It's a completely corrupt process in the United States. You have to run everything through the White House because the White House is fighting the war, and they're telling you the Russians are evil and brutal and all this stuff. But it's not fair because we're not getting the truth. And the American people are blind. They're like led by, like sheep to a conclusion.

The segment on the war starts at 22;45. Later in the interview (at about 24:50) Oliver Stone says that the war in Ukraine is a "civil war." So, the Russians are "kicking ass" in a civil war?

Oliver Stone: Well, how come we can't get both sides? How come we can't hear your show in England or in America? We can't even hear it. It's ridiculous. You have the right to speak. You're an intelligent man. RT was a good network. And it doesn't mean you have to buy everything they say. But they did a good job. They got cameramen to those places, and they continue to be good. And there's other outlets that should be promoted and allowed. But you can't say anything, apparently, in the United States. It's really -- I'm speaking to you because you're in Dubai, What you're trying to make - yes, they're going to exaggerate everything possible against the Russians, including that happens, nuclear, anything will be built up into some sensational event, although there is, in fact, no actual threat. What's happened with the dam is fascinating. You know, nobody's claimed it. But it's clearly motivated, the motive for doing it is Ukrainian, Ukrainian motive is to wreck. They're losing badly, they want to wreck the land before the Russians take Kherson. The Russians are predicted to take that area because it's a Russian, basically a Russian-speaking area, Russian ethnic. So, no one's ever pointed out, it seems to me, successfully to the American people and the European people, especially the European people, but this is a civil war. This is not like a normal war. This is between Russian and Ukrainian -- the Ukrainians have been vicious against, since 2014, the Russian ethnic population, Vicious. Killing. I've heard on various reports from 5,000 to 7,000, plus wounded. There's been almost 14,000 people affected, in that spirit. While they signed the Minsk Agreement, the Ukrainians, they didn't honor it for six or eight years. The U. S. came into Ukraine, took it over, financed everything, we're financing the government, and built up the army to this level where it could attack and take back the Donbas and Luhansk.

Where do you even start? Is he not aware of the brutal Russian missiles which have hammered apartment buildings and hospitals?

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The Viewer's Guide has now been updated to include the sources from my new book, Oliver Stone's Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza.


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