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Oliver Stone is now in Alex Jones Territory!

The Mediaite website discussed his podcast interview with Lex Fridman, where he once again floated the idea of the United States using a nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

Speaking with podcast host Lex Fridman on Tuesday, Stone said, “Is the United States gonna start — they’re making a lot of noise in the United States press about Russia using nuclear weapons and chemical weapons. That’s a lot of noise. Again, going back to my analogy when the United States starts, that it starts the conversation going it’s in the interest of the United States for Russia to be pinned with any kind of chemical or nuclear incident.”
He continued, “For example, it’d be very, not simple, but it would be possible to explode a nuclear device in Donbas and kill thousands of people. And we would not know right away who did it, but of course the blame would go right to Russia. Even if it didn’t make sense, if there was no motivation for it, it would just be blamed on Russia.”
“The United States might well be the one who does that false flag operation. It would not be beyond them. They would, it would be a very dramatic, uh, solution to seal this war off as a major victory for the United States,” Stone added.
“That’s terrifying,” Fridman said. “But when you walk across that line you can potentially never walk back.”
Stone replied, “Well, I think the United States is calculating that it’s dangerous yes, I agree. But I think the neo-conservative arrogance is such that they really believe they can push their advantage to the max now.”

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