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Will Oliver Stone Blame Kazakhstan Unrest on the United States?

Last year, Oliver Stone released a ridiculous, hagiographic documentary on Nursultan Nazarbayev, the former dictator of Kazakhstan.

Nazarbayev ruled Kazakhstan with an iron fist for decades.

This week further unrest hit Kazakhstan.

The most encouraging aspect of the mass uprising in Kazakhstan this week isn’t that the hideously decrepit Soviet-era kleptocracy that runs the country is suddenly coming apart at the seams. Or that the riot police and soldiers who didn’t lay down their truncheons and join with the people were overpowered by the sheer physical force of tens of thousands of furious Kazakhs pouring into the streets of cities all across the country.

And Vladimir Putin sent in paratrooper to help quell the unrest.

Moscow said it would consult with Kazakhstan and allies on further measures to support the Kazakh authorities’ “counter-terrorist operation” and called the uprising a foreign-inspired attempt to undermine the country’s security by force.

How long will it take for Oliver Stone to take the same line as the Kremlin?

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