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Celebrities Who Have Been Friendly with Putin

Gene Kosowan’s other names - Pamela Anderson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Conor McGregor, Nikita Mikhalkov, Jack Nicholson, Alex Ovechkin, Mickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, and Donald Trump.

For years, producer and director Oliver Stone has often tried to deliver thought-provoking drama aimed at the American establishment's moral superiority with several controversial outings. Sometimes they were gritty ("Platoon"), conspiratorial ("JFK"), or even sensationalistic ("Natural Born Killers"), but in almost every Stone release, you'll find something designed to skewer Uncle Sam where the sun don't shine. 
Some critics only wished Stone would have done the same thing to Vladimir Putin in the Showtime four-part documentary "The Putin Interviews" when it debuted in 2017. The Daily Beast called it "nothing short of hero worship," while The Hollywood Reporter dismissed the usually fiery Stone as "demure and coquettish." But Stone wasn't apologetic over his apparent kid-gloves treatment of Putin and his abilities as a leader. "The Russian people have never been better off," he said to The Guardian. "But of course in America, they're [the Russians] miserable, dictated to, in stalags, in gulags, they're all being chopped up by this monster. It's just crazy."
It should be noted that Stone also produced the documentary "Ukraine on Fire" in 2016 about the country's revolution to dethrone its pro-Russian president only to see Russia annex Crimea in response in 2014. The Hollywood Reporter lambasted the film for its "Kremlin-friendly version of the events." The Wrap reported that "Revealing Ukraine," Stone's follow-up released in 2019, was removed from Ukraine's TV schedules due to a rash of complaints, roughly around the same time the director allegedly asked Putin to be godfather to his adult daughter.

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