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Oliver Stone is Vladimir Putin's Mouthpiece

Oliver Stone, producer of the so-called documentary JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, recently sat down with Abby Martin. Here is an excerpt from a transcript: (39:33)

Abby Martin: Well, especially because Operation Northwoods was revealed by the JFK Records Act and it revealed a false flag operation that was being proposed, which is mocked relentlessly, the idea of conspiracies in the U.S. media. Meanwhile they accused Putin of bombing his own apartment buildings, they accused them of concocting a false flag to invade Ukraine right now they are calling for preemptive strikes on Ukraine right now. What lessons can we glean from JFK today with what we're seeing come full circle, Oliver, we're in the middle of cold war 2.0.

Oliver Stone: Exactly, exactly except they're not communists, they're capitalists. It's no longer the Soviet Union it's Russia so it's continue, maybe it's about money in the end that they have to keep this thing going and they need an enemy and they have to build up this enemy with China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, ... Cuba. It doesn't end, I mean Syria … there's all kinds of false flags have been planted for years now and it's just it's getting stupider and stupider and it gets really, as you say it's very scary right now, Ukraine. I've been following that situation since 2014 and it's scary beyond belief because it's so irrational what we're doing, for example we've been saying that Russia is going to invade Ukraine for about three months now; building it up in the media like it's like a build-up, a campaign for an advertising, ignoring completely the Ukrainian on the ground situation which is that the Ukrainian armies on the border of a autonomous what would like to be an autonomous republic inside Ukraine, These people are Russian people, they're born - they speak the Russian language, their loyalty is to Russia and it's been that way for forever, since World War II. They were robbed of their democracy when the, when the American protests at Maidan Square happened. They, you know what happened, the Americans came in, supported the bill, put five billion dollars into Ukraine, and created this demonstration, this monstrosity with a lot of false information - that the President of Ukraine was a was a thief and a bum and he had he agreed to go to early elections and it was ignored in in the media, and now here we are in a situation where we replaced him in a coup d'etat and we put a guy in who had no, he was not, no standing among the in the eastern part of Ukraine - they didn't want him. So it's not, it wasn't a democracy anymore it turned out they'd been elected the original guy had been elected, now they have a counterfeit leader, they don't believe in them, but no one tells you that they were killed. A lot of people were murdered when that coup happened, that they were burned to death in Odessa, yeah, they burned the the uh and who burned them a lot of them were neo-Nazis we find that out they we find out that a large portion of the military situation in of the military of the Ukrainian army is fascist.

Abby Martin: It's insane when you look at the imperial arrogance of the United States to look at a country bordering with Russia and say we need to do something about that.

Oliver Stone: Because we control the narrative.

Abby Martin: It's unbelievable.

This is completely incoherent. Where to even start with this statement?

Oliver Stone just repeats the Putin line. He says "we've been saying that Russia is going to invade Ukraine for three months now; building it up in the media like, it's like a build-up, a campaign for an advertising ..."

Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, Oliver Stone is pretty quiet. His one Facebook post since the invasion, has received hundreds of critical comments

Here is the man who lectures the American people on the political implications of the JFK assassination. And now he's a babbling mouthpiece for a ruthless dictator.

I wish conspiracy theorists would wake up - the man you are following, Oliver Stone, is a friend to dictators around the globe. You might want to think about whether you want to amplify the voices of irrationality and the voice of a ruthless dictator.

As we’ve seen, Stone completely ignores all the internal life of Ukraine up to the present day. The ethnic subjugation of Ukrainians into tsarist Russia and inter-war Poland, the birth of Ukrainian nationalism in Austria-Hungary, the short and tragic history of the first Ukrainian republic, its hopeless battle on two fronts against Soviet Russia and Poland, and its death in that battle, the horrors of the Bolshevik government in Ukraine and the famine that was deliberately organised by it in 1933, from which over 3 million Ukrainians died and which many people consider a genocide – it’s as if none of that exists.
So in Stone’s vision Ukrainian nationalism “suddenly” arises in 1941 in the form of the “collaborationism” of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists with the Nazis who were invading Ukraine. Here Stone doesn’t forget to note the hackneyed for Russia difference between the “bad” nationalistic, pro-Nazi and now pro-American western Ukraine, and the “good” pro-Russian eastern Ukraine. Since in Stone’s world (and Kremlin propaganda) there was neither ethnic subjugation of Ukrainians in Poland nor famine and mass repressions in the USSR in the period between the wars, Ukrainian nationalists appear out of nowhere in the form of a gang of malevolent villains who, inspired (supposedly) by Nazi ideas, carry out mass retribution against all non-Ukrainians.

For Stone, however, Russia’s Anschluss, the first territorial annexation on European soil since World War II, and American “interference” in Ukraine, is a distinction without difference. In a follow-up post the next day, our iconoclastic cineaste wrote that "Many Ukrainians wanted [Yanukovych] out, but there is evidence of pro-Western, 3rd party interference, i.e. Victoria Nuland, John McCain, USAID, National Endowment for Democracy.” Stone doesn’t need to elaborate, never mind provide actual evidence, for the reckless accusations he levels. Simply mentioning these names and institutions is a dog whistle to the breed of conspiracy theorists, on both the left and right, who have emerged unified on the question of American perfidy in Ukraine. To this crowd, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s handing out sandwiches to people on the Maidan and the National Endowment for Democracy’s funding election monitors are proof positive that Langley orchestrated a coup d’état.

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