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Jefferson Morley and "JFK Revisited"

Tracy Parnell is one of the top JFK assassination researchers out there. His blog is essential reading and I encourage everybody to bookmark his website. Tracy is an expert on Antonio Veciana and his story regarding Maurice Bishop.

Recently the National Archives released 1,491 JFK assassination documents. Conspiracy theorist Jefferson Morley used the opportunity to mislead the public on the 'new' information in those files.

Even if there is a full release of files, there will always be some discrepancy in the records that will allow Morley and like-minded theorists to continue their pursuit. And if any of the records scheduled to be released in December of 2022 are withheld, you can plan to see Morley take his familiar place in the spotlight to protest this injustice, all the while promoting his books. But, in reality, a partial release would be the best-case scenario for Morley. It would allow him to say once again, “we just can’t say for sure what happened to JFK until all the records are released.” That is nonsense, of course, since the case against Oswald as a lone gunman has stood the test of time. And most journalists, historians and scientists (if not the general public) recognize that fact.

I found Morley's attack on historian Alecia Long to be incredibly unseemly. Morley said the following:

In a sustained attack on Stone in the Washington Post, professor Alecia Long argued that Garrison’s investigation was motivated by homophobia. Shaw was a closeted gay man and Garrison used his private life to smear him, she contends in a new book. Long’s unsubtle implication is that anyone who believes Kennedy was killed by his enemies is an ignorant bigot prone to QAnon-type fantasies.
If Long thinks that Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Charles De Gaulle and Fidel Castro were deluded fabulists driven by homophobia, her argument is unconvincing, if not totally wrong.

Long made no such "unsubtle implication." And, she never mentioned the homophobia of people like Truman, Johnson, de Gaulle or Castro. Instead, she clearly proved the homophobia of Jim Garrison and his so-called investigation into the JFK assassination.

I never get tired of promoting Alecia Long's excellent book. Please do me a favor and buy a copy immediately. It's that important.

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Oliver Stone's so-called documentary makes it sound like the autopsy photographer said that he did not take the photos of JFK's brain that are in the current inventory,

Oliver Stone took to Twitter last weekend to bemoan the fact that the mainstream press is ignoring his so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass.

There is something really obscene about Oliver Stone once again going after Clay Shaw.

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