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JFK Revisited: Was Clay Shaw the elusive Clay Bertrand?

JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass makes the claim that Clay Shaw was the elusive Clay Bertrand. Here is an excerpt from a transcript: (Approx. 1:17:10)

Goldberg: The Review Board has shown these denials to be false. Shaw was both a highly valued contract agent and had a covert security clearance for a project codenamed QK/ENCHANT. New Orleans attorney Dean Andrews had worked with Oswald in May of '63 in an attempt to upgrade his military discharge from its undesirable status. After the assassination, a man calling himself Clay Bertrand, phoned Andrews and asked him to consider going to Dallas to defend Oswald. Under oath, Clay Shaw denied that he was Clay Bertrand and Andrews claimed that because of the medication he was on, he had only imagined the phone call. But today, because of the work of the Assassination Records Review Board, we now have evidence and 12 people who confirm that Shaw used this name as an alias. Andrews later admitted that Shaw was Bertrand to author Harold Weisberg, but made him promise not to reveal this until after Andrews’ death.

But was Clay Shaw really Clay Bertrand?

How about the "12 people who confirm that Shaw used this name as an alias"? Over the past year, I have systematically debunked every witness that James DiEugenio uses for the allegation that Shaw was Bertrand. He definitely went for quantity rather than quality.

Please check out my master index to James DiEugenio's witnesses. Here are the witnesses conspiracy theorists use to 'prove' Shaw was Bertrand:

Witness: Dr. Jacob Kety and Greg Donovan

James DiEugenio can't even get the name of Dr. Kety right. He adds certainty to a claim that is not really being made.

Witness: William Morris

William Morris was a prisoner who made several claims. I post the entire interview with Morris, as well as several memos from people who dispute his claims.

Witness: Dean Andrews

Joan Mellen asked Harold Weisberg if Dean Andrews admitted that Clay Shaw was Clay Bertrand. I post her letter and his reply.

Witness: Virginia Johnson

James DiEugenio's claims about Virginia Johnson are not borne out by two memos written by Garrison's staff.

Witness: Jessie Parker

James DiEugenio doesn't tell his readers that Jessie Parker made significant changes to her affidavit once it was determined that witnesses disputed what she said.

Witness: Aloysius Habighorst

James DiEugenio doesn't tell his readers that another policeman, Jonas Butzman, testified that Clay Shaw did not admit he was Clay Bertrand.

Witness: Thomas Breitner

James DiEugenio leaves out many of the other crazy claims of Thomas Breitner. Had he testified at Clay Shaw's trial, he would have been another Charles Spiesel.

Witness: Ed Guthman

More debunking of DiEugenio's claims that Clay Shaw was Clay Bertrand.

Witness: Aaron Kohn and Joseph Oster

Aaron Kohn and Joseph Oster identify Shaw as Bertrand, but they were just getting this information from news sources. They both had no personal knowledge that Shaw was Bertrand.

Witness: Valentine Ashworth

Ashworth claimed that Oswald he traveled to Ohio where he met Clay Shaw "who was known as Clay Bertrand." Yet another prisoner with a ridiculous story.

Witness: Fred Leemans

Fred Leemans claimed that Clay Bertrand patronized his Turkish baths and that he was Clay Shaw. The only problem is that Mr. Leemans kept on changing his story.

There are two other witnesses mentioned in Joan Mellen's book, And Justice For All, Rickey Planche and Barbara Bennett. But neither of these witnesses came forward during Garrison's investigation and there are no formal statements from either of them.

If anybody knows of any witnesses I have left out, please contact me. I look forward to seeing the annotated script of the so-called documentary.

I also want to include a document that I have posted several times. It shows that Garrison couldn't find Clay Bertrand back in 1967:

If there really was a Clay Bertrand, Jim Garrison never found him. And he never came up with any credible evidence that Clay Shaw was Clay Bertrand.


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