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"JFK Revisited" Misleads on JFK's Brain, Again...

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass, tries hard to prove that another brain was substituted for JFK's brain. Here is an excerpt: (59:03)

Dr. Michael Chesser: The existing photographs of the brain, at the Archives, I viewed those in 2015. The brain looked to me to be distorted. My first thought was that the brain had been sitting in a jar of formaldehyde for a long time.

Douglas Horne: The Review Board had a consultant, a renowned forensic pathologist [Dr. Robert Kirschner]. He looked at the brain photographs, and he said, "this is a very well-fixed brain, it's all gray, it's not pink at all, it's been fixed for two or three weeks in formaldehyde. It's been fixed at least two weeks, maybe as long as three weeks. I looked at Jeremy Gunn, and he looked at me, and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. Because I knew that JFK's brain was examined less than three days after he was killed.

Screen shot from JFK Revisited

First page of the memo regarding the review of JFK's autopsy materials

Here is his conclusion about the brain and its fixing in formaldehyde:

This is not exactly what Douglas Horne says in JFK Revisited. Kirschner's longest estimate that the brain had been fixed in formaldehyde was "two weeks or more," However, Horne claimed it was "two or three weeks" and "maybe as long as three weeks." Kirschner then corrected his estimate to maybe "1-2 weeks" or even less.

Kirschner explains that less than a week was possible with an "extremely concentrated solution of formaldehyde."

So, which is more likely? That the powers that be switched out another brain to fool the pathologists, or that they just used a higher concentration of formaldehyde?

Bonus observation

You won't see this in JFK Revisited:

This supports a back to front trajectory for the bullet.

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