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JFK Revisited Doesn't Tell the Whole Truth about John Connally

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, presents Governor John Connally as a witness who offered testimony that contradicted the single bullet theory. Here is an excerpt from a transcript: (26:16)

Whoopi Goldberg: [Senator Richard] Russell was strongly influenced by the Zapruder film and by the testimony of Governor Connally.

John Connally: I understand there's some, some questions in the minds of the experts about whether or not we could have both been hit by the same bullet and that was the first bullet. I just don't happen to believe that. I don't believe it. Never will believe it.

Whoopi Goldberg: This forced the other commissioners to include Connally's dissent in the [Warren] Report, and as a result they could not absolutely deny the possibility of a conspiracy.

However, that is not the only statement that John Connally ever made on the shooting. For instance, here is part two of the 1967 CBS documentary series on the Warren Report:

You can see John Connally at 51:50 of the above video. Here is what he said:

John Connally: "The only way that I could ever reconcile my memory of what happened, and what occurred, with respect to the one-bullet theory is that it had to be the second bullet that might have hit us both.

Interviewer: Do you believe Governor Connally, that the first bullet could have missed, the second one hit both of you, and the third one hit President Kennedy?

John Connally: That's possible. That's possible. Now the best witness I know doesn't believe that.

The documentary interviews Nellie Connally who does believe that Connally and JFK were hit by separate bullets. John Connally returned at 53:34:

John Connally: Beyond any question, and I'll never change my opinion. The first bullet did not hit me. The second bullet did hit me. The third bullet did not hit me. Now, so far as I'm concerned, all I can say, with any finality, is that if there is, if the single bullet theory is correct, then it had to be the second bullet that hit President Kennedy and me.

Walter Cronkite: The Governor insists that he heard a shot before he was struck, and that therefore he could not have been struck by the first bullet as the Warren Commission supposes.

Does JFK Revisited actually accept the Connally's view that there were only three shots fired on November 22, 1963?

Here is yet another interview of John Connally from 1991:

At 0:51 he describes turning on to Elm Street, and once again says that he was hit by the second bullet. This is all consistent with the single bullet theory.

Here is a clip that Oliver Stone will never show people.. John Connally's lapel flap:

And while we are at it, here is a .gif file that shows the reactions to the single-bullet:


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