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"JFK Revisited" alleges Oswald was "placed"

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, alleges that Lee Harvey Oswald was 'moved' to Dallas and then 'placed' in the Texas School Book Depository. (1:25:55)

Paul Bleau: Oswald, as we know, was moved from New Orleans to Dallas In October to be there, just at the right time, for the motorcade. And he's placed in a tall building where he gets a job. He's adjacent to the perfect kill zone.

I guess we will have to wait for the 'book of the film' to find out the sources for these statements. Oswald clearly has no agency - someone moved him and placed him. But who did this? And how do we know? JFK Revisited makes it seem like this is common knowledge.

While a JFK trip to Texas was first broached within the White House in June 1963, it was only announced in the Dallas Morning News on September 26, 1963:

But Ruth Paine drove Marina Oswald and her daughter to Irving, Texas on September 23rd. So the decision to move the family to Texas was made before the White House had announced JFK's trip. Oswald probably left New Orleans for Mexico City on September 25th.

Oswald started work at the Texas School Book Depository on October 16th, which is well before plans were announced for the motorcade. When Oswald showed up for work, Roy Truly could have easily sent him to work at the other warehouse at 1917 Houston Street.

Secret Service agents Forrest Sorrells and Winton Lawson, who were in charge of advance preparations for Kennedy's trip to Dallas, were only informed of the trip on November 4th. Lawson received a tentative schedule from Roy Kellerman on November 8, 1963.

Mr. Bleau implies a conspiracy so big that my mind just reels. Extraordinary statements require extraordinary evidence. JFK Revisited likes the former but not so much the latter.

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