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JFK Revisited: Were the Oswald Backyard Photographs Faked?

Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited; Through the Looking Glass, once again raises the issue of the legitimacy of the backyard photographs of Lee Harvey Oswald. I found this surprising since there is no shortage of scientific studies that have conclusively found that the photographs are legitimate.

Here is a partial transcript of JFK Revisited: (Approx. 30:57)

Brian Edwards: Marina Oswald took backyard photographs of Lee Oswald holding a rifle and a pistol on his hip, and in that first photograph, that she took three of, Commission Exhibit 133-A and 133-B, show a ring on the ring finger of the right hand. 133-C the ring appears on the left hand. In fact, the Dallas police showed Lee Oswald one of the pictures, while he was still in custody, and he said "that's my face but I don't remember ever having had that picture taken."

That is not even the correct quote from Lee Harvey Oswald. Here is an excerpt from the testimony of Dallas police officer Guy Rose:

The first photo alterationist was Lee Harvey Oswald -- he wouldn't even admit that the face was his.

Here is a screen shot from JFK Revisited showing the three photographs:

I don't believe there is a great mystery here. Lee Harvey Oswald wore two rings - his wedding ring, typically on his right hand (Russian style) and his Marine ring. Might he have been wearing two rings?

Here is a close-up of CE 133A:

There also appears to be a ring, or an indication that there had been a ring, on his left hand as well:

Here is CE133C:

The ring on his left hand does look like a Marine ring, and not a wedding ring:

Here is a picture of Oswald in handcuffs and you can see his Marine ring on his left hand:

Here are some relevant links regarding the backyard photographs:

Here is the study by Professor Hany Farid of Dartmouth.

A 3D Stability analysis

The HSCA also concluded that the backyard photographs were legitimate.

Oliver Stone is so desperate to prove that the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle is not Oswald's that he included this clunker.


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