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A Letter to Jim Garrison

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Some conspiracy theorists claim that Jim Garrison never brought up Clay Shaw's sexuality. Well, here's an interesting letter sent to Garrison with a lead.

You can see Garrison's notation on the first page:

NOTE: This was an anonymous call-in for the police recording phone. However, the details are quite specific. Subjects mentioned may have info re SHAW or FERRIE -- or re their relationship. Should be checked out.

On the top of the page he writes "CONFIRMED LEAD - for follow-up."

You can also see a notation, "8/1/77." Did Garrison review this in 1977 and was he perhaps thinking of sending this to the HSCA? It's hard to tell.

I have no idea what happened with this lead. I hope that Mr. Solieau did not lose his job.

How many other leads like this reached Garrison's office? How many gay people were targeted throughout the investigation?

Previous Relevant Blog Posts

Jamie Kirchick has just published an important article on Oliver Stone, his so-called documentary JFK Revisited, and "his three-decade slander of an innocent man—one who, not coincidentally, happened to be gay."

Even the Boston Phoenix realized that JFK was homophobic.

The FBI was warned in 1967 that Garrison might be running a shakedown operation of homosexuals in New Orleans.

A partial transcript of a conversation between Mark Lane and James Phelan.

Elmer Renfroe was a gay man who lived in the French Quarter in New Orleans and once, while drunk, told stories to a confidential informant of Aaron Kohn, head of the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

Garrison talked about a homosexual plot to kill JFK with Max Lerner.

Alecia Long's book, Cruising for Conspirators: How a New Orleans DA Prosecuted the Kennedy Assassination as a Sex Crime, is required reading.

Garrison gets upset for all the wrong reasons.

Confidential Magazine in 1968 ran a series, written by a part-time Garrison staffer, about a homosexual conspiracy.

The gay community felt a lot of pressure from Garrison.

Is Oliver Stone's film, JFK, Homophobic? I am not the first person to talk about the film's homophobia. Here is an article from The Advocate - a major LGBT publication - from early 1992.

Garrison's strangest lead was the "Mardi Gras Ball Caper." In February 1962, over ninety people were arrested at a "fag ball" during Mardi Gras. The party was described as "extremely lewd," and several people were naked.

The QUICK Magazine Series

An article, supposedly written by Jim Garrison, appeared in the German press, which theorized that a homosexual conspiracy was behind the JFK assassination.

Did Jim Garrison write the QUICK article?

Further clues about the QUICK article.

In another article, Garrison claims that Oswald and Ruby were homosexuals.

Some evidence points to Schiller.

Some evidence points to Gun.

An overview of the evidence that Garrison believed a homosexual plot killed JFK.


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