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Boston Phoenix said Oliver Stone's JFK was "sadly homophobic"

Here is a review of Oliver Stone's JFK from the December 20, 1991 issue of the Boston Phoenix. The review is mostly positive but here is what I found interesting:

"Intentionally or not, Stone's characterization of the conspirators as mostly sinister queens is sadly homophobic. Despite the stereotyping, however, they remain the film's richest characters -- Pesci's Ferrie is a hairless, deranged clown in a bad rug and painted eyebrows torn between his priestly vocation, his lust for power, and his taste for boys. Jones's Shaw is a elegant fop with an edge of menace and melancholy, and even Kevin Bacon as Willie O'Keefe, a composite of several of Garrison's gay witnesses to the dark secrets of Shaw and Ferrie, gets a fetching turn dolled up as Marie Antoinette."

The Boston Phoenix was a very friendly paper to both Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone. Even they noticed that JFK was homophobic.

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